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We won’t restore Donbass if it’s ours – Poroshenko’s aide

06.04.18 09:30
We won’t restore Donbass if it’s ours – Poroshenko’s aide

After the return of Donbass to Ukraine's control, much more money will be spent on its restoration than the $50 billion that Ukraine now demands from Russia as damage from the occupation.

"I think that if this happened, and Donbass was in our hands, and the border was closed, it is unlikely that Ukraine would directly engage in the restoration of Donbass," the president of the Center for Economic Development, Poroshenko's advisor Alexander Paskhaver said in a comment to the "Observer" publication.

The economist explained which ways Ukraine could use so that the "economic collapse" did not happen.

"I think that there are several other ways that do not strain the country's 100% budget, in particular, it can be a special zone, as the Chinese did in their time, that is, we would prepare Donbass for investment, taxes, etc. In addition, I have no doubt that the Western countries will help us to do this," he said.

According to him, it is necessary to restore not only the infrastructure and enterprises in Donbass, but the entire social spectrum of people's lives, and this is immeasurable money.

"Therefore, general conversations, when figures appear in this situation, it is not correct. You can calculate how much a stopped production costs, but I can guarantee you that it will cost much more to restore it than what they counted ($50 billion - ed.)," Paskhaver said.

When asked how long it can take to restore the full pre-war life in the region, the economist replied:

"I think that if I say 10 years, it will be very little."

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