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'We are forced to buy NATO weapons' - Moldovan President

01.03.18 04:04
'We are forced to buy NATO weapons' - Moldovan President

Moldovan President Igor Dodon has condemned the government’s plans of defense purchases from NATO, adding that they were a result of pressure from abroad, reports TASS News.

Dodon stressed that Moldova was a neutral country. "The task of buying unnecessary weapons for the Moldovan army was set before the government from abroad," he said.

"We will hold a Security Council session to discuss Defense Minister Eugen Sturza’s proposal to buy lethal weapons, although no money for the purspose has been allotted in the country’s budget, and the government has been complaining about the lack of financing for schools, hospitals, road maintenance, increase in salaries and pensions and other social needs," the president went on.

Dodon, who is to visit Berlin on Thursday, said he intended to discuss issues of security, Moldova’s neutrality and Transnistrian settlement during his visit.

"The EU association agreement, signed by the government, is very vague on matters of defense and security. At the same time, those matters are important for Moldova, which needs to preserve and strengthen our neutrality. As the head of state, elected by the people, as the commander-in-chief, I oppose our country’s membership in NATO and other military blocs and participation of our soldiers and officers in military operations abroad," he said.

Earlier in February, Moldovan Defense Minister Eugeniu Sturza said, that re-arming the National Armed Forces that costs 11 mn euro became possible thanks to assistance of the country’s strategic partners.

“The main decision was made in Washington, the money comes from the USA as well,” Sturza said.

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According to: TASS, EurAsia Daily


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