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US military increasing their presence in Ukraine

04.09.16 03:07
US  military increasing their presence in Ukraine

US military does not plan to leave the territory of Ukraine. Moreover, they equip their life on Ukrainian bases, ordering vehicles and equipment for gyms from the US.

This is evidenced by the information about the US Army‘s orders, placed on the open portal of the state purchases of the US. Experts note that it may indicate both the desire of Americans to have a more comfortable life in Ukraine and possible formation of conditions for a more effective system for training of sabotage and terrorist units of the Ukrainian Army.

In mid-August, the US Department of the Army, which reports to the US Department of Defense, placed an order for equipment for a gym on the government procurement website. US military asked six exercise bikes, two treadmills, and another ten simulators for different muscle groups. This order should go to the Yavorov military training area in Lvov region in Ukraine. A training center, where NATO military instructors train Ukrainian soldiers, is located there.

On August 30, the US Army placed another tender – this time on 27 cars for rent. Thus, US military needs 13 Toyota Land Cruiser, 8 Mercedes Benz Vito and 6 Ford Transit. It is notes that the number of cars, required by the Army, may be increased and the models can be replaced by equivalents with the same characteristics. The Ukrainian city of Khmelnitsky is named as a dislocation place.

The interest of US military to the area around Khmelnitsky is explained by the fact that since the beginning of this year, the US Special Forces train the Ukrainian Special Operations Forces on its territory. The US ex- ambassador to Ukraine, Jeffrey Payette, announced this at the end of January, reports the Southfront.

The US diplomat explained that representatives of special units of the US Defense Department prepare Ukrainian specialists in different fields, including medicine, building, blasting, communication, technology, as well as teach Ukrainian military sniping.

At the beginning of this year, the US handed over to Ukraine communications tools and medical devices in the amount of $23 million. A number of media reported that the US equipment was transferred to military training areas in Yavorov and Khmelnitsky. Instructors from the US also should be sent there for training to work with new equipment.

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