US gives Poroshenko ultimatum, threatens with new Maidan

13.01.18 04:46
US gives Poroshenko ultimatum, threatens with new Maidan

In Ukraine, a third Maidan is quite possible to occur, which will overthrow the current government with the support of the international community, said Diane Francis, a Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council's Eurasia Center, which provides and serves the NATO development ideology. Her blog is published on the Atlantic Council website.

"The country is full of patriotic veterans… in addition to its powerful, conscription army. This underpins any future street revolution should the current regime refuse to fully reform the country before the 2019 elections," Francis writes in her blog on the website of the Atlantic council, illustrating the publication with a picture of the Ukrainian militants’ action in Kiev.

In her opinion, after such a revolution in Ukraine would not be left in chaos as happened after the Euromaidan.

"Ukraine has developed stronger financial institutions, important Western allies and expertise, and an “infrastructure of governance,” consisting of hundreds of honest parliamentarians, executives, financiers, lawyers, activists, international donors and benefactors, and political leaders. Some meet informally already, like a private Kyiv group of 200 technocrats, who could immediately execute a peaceful and credible transition," the expert said.

The representative of the Atlantic Council demands From Poroshenko that his bill on an anti-corruption court be withdrawn, allowing this body to act "in accordance with the wishes of Ukrainians and Western donors; stop the harassment of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine; strip parliament of immunity; and ban political ads from all television stations during the 2019 elections to remove oligarchic influence."

"Poroshenko is running out of time. The Anti-Corruption Court must be operational in time to adjudicate, and convict, at least three high-profile cases brought to it by the National Anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine before the spring 2019 election. [...] If these transformations are not embedded, another street protest in the months leading up to the elections is likely, and it will garner mass international support. And with their military bulwark against Russia, Ukrainians may finally have a chance to overthrow their odious elites," Francis threatened.

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