US Ambassador gives a go-ahead for ethnic cleansing in Ukraine

22.09.17 07:17
US Ambassador gives a go-ahead for ethnic cleansing in Ukraine

The activity of the current US ambassador in Kiev leaves no doubt: Washington unequivocally supports the course towards total Ukrainization, that is, ethnic cleansing. 
If earlier there had been talk of human rights, or hints were made about the rights of non-Ukrainian people, then Ambassador Marie Jovanovitch revealed by her work that all the discrepancies have been discarded. 
There are several facts backing this reasoning. 
Firstly, this is the support the US Embassy's support of the Law on Education adopted by the Verkhovna Rada. 

"Congratulations to Ukraine on the educational reform promotion, because the contribution to the youth development is the guarantee of the future," a network page of the overseas diplomatic mission says. 

But the law is so tough on non-Ukrainian speakers that even Hitler and his allies did not come up with such an idea. It is for a reason that the assignees of Admiral Horthy and Marshal Antonescu subjected this law to severe criticism, while the Romanian President even canceled his visit to Kiev on this occasion. 
The second point is the meeting of Jovanovitch in Kharkov with writer Sergei Zhadan, who holds the most active Ukrainization activities. 
He participated in actions to promote not only the Ukrainian language and the Galitsian superiority, but also Bandera ideology. 
In 2011, Zhadan acted as the initiator of the action against the adoption of the Kivalov-Kolesnichenko law on minority languages, which stopped active Ukrainization. The then-governor Mikhail Dobkin refused to award him with a local prize, because, in his opinion, a Nazi can not be awarded in Kharkov. In 2013, Zhadan actively supported the installation of a memorial plate to the collaborator Shevelev in Kharkov. 
On March 1, 2014, Kharkov citizens threw away the arrived Right Sector activists and their local supporters from the regional state administration building. People who gathered in the square arranged a corridor of shame for the invaders. The Nazi-writer was among those who passed it and was beaten. 
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