'Ukrainians' social network closes due to users' inactivity

05.09.17 04:30
'Ukrainians' social network closes due to users' inactivity

Ukrainian social network Ukrainians stops working, said on Tuesday one of its founders, Alexandra Strumchinskaya on Facebook.

In May 2017, programmers from the Canadian company StartupSoft, engaged in software development, offered to create a Ukrainian analogue of the Vkontakte site, banned in the country. Registration in the social network of Ukrainians began in early June. At the moment it has 397 thousand users.

According to Strumchinskaya, she failed to independently continue the project, and the company's management StartupSoft refused not only from the independent development of the site, but also from the possibility to transfer it to any other party.

"I was confronted with the fact that the development of the Ukrainian social network is discontinuing. I'm sorry, and I frankly apologize and thank all the users who together with me sincerely believed in the implementation and success of this project," Strumchinskaya said.

"The expectations of investors regarding the activity of already registered users in the social network were not justified: the growth rates of the activity of using the available functions (although not all of them were launched) were not as fast as investors expected, therefore the StartupSoft decided that further development does not make sense, because they do not see the prospects for the development of this project," Strumchinskaya wrote.

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