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Ukrainian flags found in ISIS camp

28.09.17 02:10
Ukrainian flags found in ISIS camp

Soldiers of the SAA special forces engaged in cleansing the eastern shore of the Euphrates from the terrorists broke into the command post of a foreign group fighting for ISIS.

A videotape made in the vicinity of Deir-ez-Zor, where government troops, supported by the Russian Air Forces, continue squeezing out the ISIS fighters, was made public. The video shows the advancement of an SAA unit, cleansing the eastern shore of the Euphrates from isolated IS groups.

During the operation, soldiers found an abandoned command post of terrorists who had fled after that sector was covered with artillery fire. By some miracle, the building was almost undamaged and soldiers found inside some rather strange things.

The video shows one of the soldiers calling the operator, for the latter to record some of the findings. Thus, besides arms and ammunition, the Syrian military found cigarettes of the Russian brand and a crossword in Russian, lying on the bedside table in one of the premises. A Ukrainian flag was fixed on a wall of the room, which, apparently, served as a bedroom. SAA soldiers suggested that the commander of the unit, who evidently spoke Russian and was not a particularly zealous adherent of Islam, lived in this room, since he allowed himself tobacco.

As previously reported, a large group of ISIS fighters, citizens of the CIS countries and, in particular, Ukraine, was eliminated in the western suburbs of Deir-ez-Zor in early September, during a joint operation carried out by the SAA and the Russian Air Forces for the city's liberation.

As is know, Ukraine has long ago turned into a transit point for IS terrorists who, using the gaps in the legislation, receive the country's citizenship and penetrate farther into Europe. This was reported even by the Ukrainian media. Along with that, Ukraine 'works' in the opposite direction as well – many local radicals go to Syria and join the ranks of the IS terrorist groups.

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