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Ukrainian fighters mark civilian homes with strange signs

05.04.18 11:14
Ukrainian fighters mark civilian homes with strange signs

OSCE monitors detected strange symbols on every house in the AFU-occupied settlement of Maiskoye, located in the so-called "grey zone," the Ukrainian LOT television channel, based on the OSCE report of March 29, says.

Local residents also complain of the numerous inconveniences that arose after the arrival of the "liberators" to the village.

"In Travneve (Ukrainian name for Kiev-controlled Maiskoye, 51km north-east of Donetsk), the SMM spoke with over 15 elderly residents (mixed gender) of the settlement who told the SMM that they were unable to access the local cemetery, as the road leading out of the settlement toward Golmovsky (DPR-controlled, 49km north-east of Donetsk) had been closed following the recent rotation of Ukrainian Armed Forces personnel in January 2018. (The cemetery is located on the road between forward positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the armed formations.) Residents noted that there was no functioning shop, medical point, school, kindergarten and only limited public transportation to and from the village," the report says.

Along with that, OSCE representatives drew attention to the fact that strange symbols in the form of a circle or a cross were painted on the homes of civilians.

"Ukrainian Armed Forces personnel present told the SMM and the residents that the road had been closed for security reasons. Residents urged for access to the cemetery in view of the upcoming Easter holiday. The SMM noted that many houses had hand-painted circles or crosses on their gates, and a representative of the Civil-Military Administration told the SMM that the circle meant that the house is inhabited," the report said.

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