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Ukraine Shelled Apartment Houses in Donetsk city - Video Report

30.01.17 06:30
Ukraine Shelled Apartment Houses in Donetsk city - Video Report

DONi Press Center correspondent, Christelle Neant, went to Kievsky district in Donetsk capital, where apartment houses were damaged by Ukrainian heavy shelling on Monday. In video report you can also hear extreme and constant Ukrainian shelling, which has been going on for a second day in the outskirts of the Donetsk city.

Ukrainian artillery projectile has hit one of the DPR residential districts, despite the Minsk Agreements, according to which all the cannon artillery was to have been withdrawn. This crime is another evidence of Ukraine's non-observance of the undertaken obligations.

It's worth being noted, that nearby there are no DPR Army's positions, and never were any. Only civilians live here. The damaged house which has been hit by a shell is situated on Partizanskaya St. 37B.

The shelling took place at 5 in the morning on Monday. The shell-crater is quite big. So, it must have been something no less then 122mm calibre.

One of local residents informed that first they heard a shell-hit somewhere nearby, and then in their house. Her family survived only thanks to having been in another bedroom facing the opposite side. Local residents have fixed new windows just a while ago, and now they have to start repair works anew.

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Video: Christelle Neant, DONi Press Center


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