Ukraine refuses to recognize UN and Red Cross documents on prisoners

07.07.17 07:45
Ukraine refuses to recognize UN and Red Cross documents on prisoners

Representatives of Ukraine to the Minsk talks refused to recognize the documents of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the UN monitoring mission on human rights in Ukraine concerning the status and prisoners' location held by Kiev.

"Ukraine completely ignores a significant part of our requests for those whom we expect to exchange. They refuse to confirm even the fact that these persons are kept in Ukraine, while ignoring the information provided by international organizations, such as the International Red Cross, as the UN Human Rights Office," Vladislav Deinego, the LPR representative to Minsk talks said.

"A rather sharp negative assessment of such information received from international organizations was sounded from the representative of Ukraine in the humanitarian group, in fact, she refused to perceive these documents as official documents of international organizations, thereby practically neutralizing their status," stressed Deinego.

"This statement (about non-recognition of documents - ed.) has caused a clear misunderstanding on our part and on the part of the coordinator of the humanitarian affairs group, Mr. (Tony) Frisch," the authorized representative of the Lugansk People's Republic added.

"Our reaction was undoubtedly unequivocal: if the Ukrainian party openly declares that it is unwilling to conduct a dialogue with us, we cannot foist ourselves, we got up and left the table - the representatives of Lugansk and Donetsk left the meeting of the working group, the Russian Federation also supported our position," he added.

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