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Ukraine presents Nazis with SS symbols in European Parliament

29.02.16 01:46
Ukraine presents Nazis with SS symbols in European Parliament

From February 29 to March 2 in the European Parliament within the project “Ukrainian Week” initiated by the Ukrainian TV channel “1 + 1” there will be presented photo exhibition showcasing fans of Adolf Hitler.

It was reported by Ukrainian journalist and videobloger Anatoly Shary who had received political refugee status in the EU. He said that his attention had been drawn to an item of clothing of one of the characters of the exhibition organised by the TV channel “1 + 1” and the publishing house “Edipress” presented by the magazine “Viva”.

It’s turned out that on one of the ATO fighters’ raglan there is a logo of the SS Division "Dead head" with a swastika. At the same time the “hero” himself has a swastika tattoo on his bare chest.

The journalist found the name of the “hero” - it’s a former soldier of the "Right Sector" Vladimir Vasjanovich.

On his page in the social network “VKontakte” he puts photos on which he is throwing Nazi zigs, regrets that in the Donbass it is not possible to repeat the Nazi record of the extermination of people, posts pictures of Hitler and so on.

‘I am absolutely convinced that the Viva magazine and the publishing house “Edipress”, closely associated with a highly developed European country, will be able to explain the purpose of this project and the fact that they use outright Nazis in it. I also hope that the European parliament will properly appreciate the exhibition in which one of the characters is an outspoken Nazi and everyone will make right conclusions,’ emphasizes the blogger.

The journalist also says that his blog will be translated into the maximum number of languages.

‘I want Kiev authorities to be seriously pulled up at last and I want it to be recognized that Nazism exists in Ukraine, in absolutely ugly and horrifying forms. It is time to recognize it," says Shary.

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