Ukraine involved in massive US-led arms sales to ISIS terrorists in Syria

21.12.16 04:32
Ukraine involved in massive US-led arms sales to ISIS terrorists in Syria

The New Eastern Outlook writes about massive US-led arms sales from Europe to ISIS terrorists in Syria. By the report, Ukraine has provided nearly 615,000 small arms to Syrian terrorists.

"In their report, BIRN and OCCRP (Balkan Network for Investigative Journalism and Project for the Investigation of Corruption and Organized Crime) stated that the acquisition of significant amounts of military weapons from the countries of Central and Eastern Europe for the Syrian opposition were directly controlled by Washington.

Earlier, the respected military journal Jane’s Defence Weekly in its article “US arms shipment to Syrian rebels detailed” stated that the US supplies the Syrian opposition with weapons and ammunition from Eastern Europe, and noted that these facts were almost officially recognized by the US Senate.

Over the last five years, Ukraine alone has sold nearly 615,000 small arms to Syria. But it’s curious that its official customers are not third world nations, but large Western companies like Hire & Fire, IZH Impex Inc, Waffen Schumacher GmbH, BVS, spol. Sro – all buying old Soviet weapons en masse. In 2012 alone the American Hire & Fire made an accusation of 90,000 Soviet rifles. That’s almost enough to arm four divisions, and in just one year.

Reports on US arms purchases provided by SOCOM show that it paid at least 27 million dollars for Bulgarian weapons and 12 million dollars for Serbian weapons and ammunition in a period from 2014 to 2016 that were supposed to be used for covert operations in Syria. Since December 2015, SOCOM commissioned three cargo ships to transport 4,700 tonnes of weapons and ammunition from the port of Constanta in Romania and Burgas in Bulgaria to the Middle East.

The Montenegro Defence Industry has already exported 250 tons of ammunition and 10,000 grenade launchers to Saudi Arabia since August 2015 for them to be smuggled to Syria. The British SkyNews channel conducted a journalistic investigation, which resulted in uncovering the largest weapons supply channel from Ukraine and some countries of Eastern Europe to the Middle East."

That is why Washington and its European allies are particularly interested in the Syrian conflict to be protracted, preventing people from enjoying peace only to profit from their “bloody business”, writes journalist Jean Perier.

"A few days ago new facts about Washington’s sponsorship of ISIS appeared in the Bulgarian media, along with the pictures and video made in eastern Aleppo by the Nova TV journalists. The crew stumbbled upon a warehouse that was used by the Jabhat al-Nusra militants, where they discovered munitions for the BM-21 “Grad” self-propelled multiple rocket launchers, bearing visible indications that they were produced by the Bulgarian manufacturer VMZ (Vazovskaya Heavy Machinery)."

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According to: New Eastern Outlook


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