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Ukraine enters American Five-Year Plan: man, #thisismoney!..

05.04.18 03:57
Ukraine enters American Five-Year Plan: man, #thisismoney!..

The United States has announced a five-year advanced training for Ukrainian journalists. Basic training will be held under the slogans "Out with paid journalism" and "Long live the fight against the Russian influence", radio Sputnik observer Olga Bugrova said.

The US Agency for International Development (USAID) has been concerned about the state of the Ukrainian journalism. American experts are disturbed with many points: both the obvious increase in the paid materials, and the decline in public confidence in the 'independent' media. And most importantly – their weak resistance to the Russian influence. As a result, they decided to take $35 million out of their American pockets and spend them on a five-year programme to increase professionalism in the journalistic environment of Ukraine.

It is not clear why particularly the United States, but not any other European country, has undertaken to teach and reason the fourth power of the 'Independent' Ukraine. Ukraine seems to have been headed towards Europe, but not America, and constantly reports in the spirit that "I'm cleaning myself under European values!" But, as they say, the one is right who offers money first: "we pay – you learn."

The studying process will not be easy, judging by the text of the educational programme elaborated for the Ukrainians and analysed by the RT television channel. First of all, the specialists are discouraged by the low quality of the Ukrainian journalistic materials. Among the signs of direct professional incompetence there are indicated, for example, such points: journalists do not distinguish the fact from the opinion, do not verify the authenticity of what has been said, copy other people's content (steal, simply speaking). The second claim is the overall low media literacy, which is why both journalists and their audience are exposed to the high "hostile influence of the Kremlin." (This paragraph indirectly admits that everything is O.K. with media literacy "in the Kremlin"!)

Of course, the American Five-Year Plan in Ukraine has the ultimate goal - "to strengthen the socially active role of the media in democratic processes in Ukraine," and "to expand the population's access to quality information." This is declared as the official task of the USAID programme. That is noble. However, what do they really care about? Here's what they care about. As the very "official task" states, everything is done solely to counter the pernicious influence of the "Russian propaganda."

That is, this whole puppet show worth $35 million has been started with the only or even not veiled intention: to resist the "perniciousness" of Russia. If it were not for Russia, which a large number of the Ukrainians still treat with confidence and interest (including Russian TV and radio content), then the Americans would care absolutely less about the unprofessionalism of the Ukrainian journalists. They have come up with their "five-year plan" not for love for Ukraine, but for hatred for Russia.


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