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Transcarpathia prepares to change Ukrainian flag to Hungarian

13.03.17 01:49
Transcarpathia prepares to change Ukrainian flag to Hungarian

The Ukrainian Internet edition "Informator", referring to its own sources, spoke about the plans for the transition of Transcarpathia to Hungarian jurisdiction.

The publication notes that today in Transcarpathia more than 100,000 people own Hungarian passports.

"One day these people can transfer the Transcarpathian region of Ukraine to a map of another state without a single shot and protest. The Informant's own sources say that, despite the public democratic position, the Hungarian authorities count on the implementation of the project of granting Transcarpathia autonomy status, and then - the transition of the region to Hungarian jurisdiction by legal means. According to the calculations of Budapest, 100 thousand repatriated Hungarian Transcarpathians will ensure a positive result in voting for granting the region the self-government rights," the newspaper writes.

At the same time, it is pointed out that when Transcarpathia receives autonomy within Ukraine, international law allows a referendum on further political self-determination of the region's communities. 

"The forecast of the second stage's results of the region's absorption is also positive: we are talking about already mentioned 100 thousand votes from representatives of the Hungarian political nation, and about the votes of Transcarpathians only with Ukrainian citizenship. After all, if in the case of the election of autonomy practical benefits are not so obvious, even a rather patriotic person finds it difficult to refuse the opportunity to "wake up in the EU" one morning," the "Informator" admits.

At the same time, the publication's source of the in the diplomatic circles of Hungary says that the Hungarian authorities are developing this plan independently and without agreements with Russia.

The article also says that the threat to Kiev comes not only from the Hungarians, but also from Transcarpathian Rusyns.

"In 2015, in Budapest, two separatist movements in the Transcarpathian region, Hungarian and Ruthenian, united and signed an agreement. Now they're working together and stand for autonomy within Hungary, which will be called the "Carpathian-Ruthenian Autonomous Republic." Representatives of these movements, the "Jobbik" party and the Ruthenian separatist movement "Podkarpatskaya Rus" are fighting in the DPR army in their own unit "Battalion of St. Istvan," said the head of the military-patriotic organization "Carpathian Sich" Taras Deyak.

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