Sovereign Ukraine: Lutsenko's appointment approved by Nuland

13.05.16 02:47
Sovereign Ukraine: Lutsenko's appointment approved by Nuland

Appointment of the President's relative Yury Lutsenko for the post of the General Prosecutor, which was made possible by changing the law and allowing to appoint to this position a person without legal training, is a demonstration of the fact that Ukraine meets the definition of a failed state.

It was written by the Kiev journalist Vyacheslav Pikhovshek in his blog, reports The Politnavigator.

'To deal with a prosecutor without legal education will be a novelty for the heads of prosecutor's offices of the EU countries, who will have to work with Lutsenko.

The authority of the higher education in Ukraine has become a joke. You can only feel sorry for teachers who will have to answer possible questions from students about higher education and career prospects.

It is a shame for Ukraine, because the situation with the appointment of Lutsenko humiliates every diplomat representing our country abroad, and every one of our citizens. There is no answer to why the law was changed for him.

It's a dark day, but not the first in the history of Ukraine. A law has been changed for a particular person, and I see no reason why we can not assign people without special education to other positions.

It is a failed state in the sense of inability of the authorities to exercise power,' says Pikhovshek.

However, even before his immediate appointment, Yuriy Lutsenko's candidacy for the post of Prosecutor General of Ukraine had Washington's support.

According to a MP from the faction "Block Petro Poroshenko," who wished to remain anonymous, the support of the White House was reportedly announced by Victoria Nuland during her visit to Ukraine.

'It is for this reason that the president insisted for the third time on the adoption of the bill ("On amendments to some legislative acts concerning the activities of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine" that allows appointing a person with no legal education as the General Prosecutor),' he said.

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