Slavyansk rises up against Bandera adherents

30.12.17 02:41
Slavyansk rises up against Bandera adherents

The Slavyansk city council was suing Svoboda All Ukrainian Association to ban the torchlight procession of nationalists in honor of Bandera, which is scheduled for January 1.

At the same time, the local court did not see any unlawful actions in this event and allowed the procession. After the announcement of the verdict, the mayor of the city of Slavyansk, Vadim Lyah, told the journalists of the S-Plus television channel the reason for filing the suit to the court. 

"We analyze the situation: for 30 residents of our city there will be about 100 people having arrived  from different cities of Ukraine, who will walk along the streets of our city with torches. It turns out that in their cities law enforcement agencies do not allow such actions, and they come to Slavyansk to make a noise, to wave with torches - to hold this action in our city. The question arises: "If the last year repeats itself, against whom will I bring a suit? Probably, not against the organizers of the action or those who allowed it to be held," the Mayor of the city asked.

It should be noted that at the same campaign a year ago in the same Slavyansk explosion occurred. Fortunately, then no one was hurt. The investigation determined that the explosion had been thrown by the participant in the procession, but the identity of the thrower could not be established. Due to this reason the mayor of the city Vadim Lyah sued the organizers of the action.

"We are interested in torches and the fact that during the march in the city there will be calm situation. I note that these actions are purely political. Marches begin as a celebration of the New Year, and end with shouts and insults to the local authorities and residents of our city", stressed Lyakh.

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