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SBU detains head of Ukrainian Center for Liberation of Prisoners

09.03.18 04:40
SBU detains head of Ukrainian Center for Liberation of Prisoners

Employees of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) yesterday detained in Donbass the head of the Center for the Liberation of Prisoners of the Officers Corps public organization Vladimir Ruban.

The detention took place near the city of Mayorsk at the Ukrainian checkpoint on the contact line. On the video published in confirmation of the fact of detention, the handcuffed Ruban is seen.

"Opposite him are furniture tables, on which a whole arsenal of weapons is laid out." Simultaneously, one of the Ukrainian soldiers in camouflage inspects the trunk of a white minibus," the report said.

Among the weapons laid out there are a 82-mm mortar, about 10 Kalashnikov assault rifles, shots for anti-tank and underbarrel grenade launchers, as well as boxes with cartridges and mortar shells.

Information on the detention was confirmed by the Deputy Minister for Temporary Occupied Territories of Ukraine Georgy Tuka. At the same time, he said that Ruban intended to carry through the checkpoint "a whole arsenal of weapons." The official said this on his Facebook, accompanying the post with a photograph showing weapons found in Ruban's car.

After that Ruban was taken to a detention center of Mariupol. Today he was brought to one of Kiev’s courts.

Reportedly, Vladimir Ruban was preparing an attempt on the president of Ukraine Pyotr Poroshenko. This is stated in the text of the charge brought against Ruban by the Security Service of Ukraine, which published on Friday.

As follows from the document, Ruban is charged under three articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine - "Illegal handling of weapons," "Preparing for a crime," "Terrorist act."

The text of the document talks about preparing an attempt on the president of Ukraine, as well as on the first persons of the state in Kiev. In addition, as noted in the text of the prosecution, it was planned to "kill a large number of people in Kiev, destroy and damage infrastructure in the government quarter, destabilize the internal situation in the state."

"With the aim of violating public security, intimidating the population, provoking a military conflict, Ruban decided to commit a terrorist act - to use weapons, to arrange explosions and other actions that would create danger to human life and health, cause significant material damage and lead to serious consequences," the text of the prosecution says.

The measure of restraint for Ruban is being imposed in the Shevchenko District Court of Kiev.

Vladimir Ruban is engaged in negotiations on the exchange of prisoners between Kiev and the Donbass Republics since 2014. In March 2015 he became a laureate of the prize "For Courage and Patriotism" of the Ukrainian programme "Person of the Year". In February 2017, together with the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, Nadezhda Savchenko, he visited the DPR and the LPR, violating the order of crossing the demarcation line, after which the SBU annulled Ruban's permission to travel to the republics.

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