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'Red Haired Separatist and Me' - Book about Motorola published - TV Report

26.01.17 07:13
'Red Haired Separatist and Me' - Book about Motorola published - TV Report

“Red haired separatist and me” - Semen Pegov presented a new book, which is dedicated to the memory of the Donbass hero Arsen Pavlov - 'Motorola'. The author confessed that the writer and social activist, Zakhar Prilepin, helped him a lot in the process. It was Prilepin, who had motivated Semen to create the essay about Motorola. 

The book consists of four parts: “As we left Sloviansk”, “The caliphate children”, “Verses” and “Motorola”. In the last essay the acquaintance of the journalist with the legendary Arsen Pavlov is described.

Pegov describes the events of summer 2014 before the Ilovaisk battles.

"The first trip to the front line with Motorolla was quite impressive. I had to undergo a serious psychological hit and prove that I’m not afraid, because Motorolla had told about me, that the fellow would come who was in Syria..." Pegov said.

But Pegov confesses that the situation in Syria was totally different.

"No one was shooting journalists there, but in Donbass the safety of the correspondents was not guaranteed," he said.

The title of the book was not chosen randomly. After the numerous bans of the Arsen Pavlov internet accounts, he loaded there a picture with the journalist, and signed it as “Red haired separatist and me”. For now the book can be found in the internet but quite soon the book will appear on the Republic’s bookstores.

First Pegov’s working place was the Abkhazia television, after that he worked as a war correspondent at the “Life” news portal. The journalist’s baptism of fire took place in Cairo, then followed working trips as correspondent to Syria and Donbass. 

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