Poroshenko is doomed

18.02.16 08:49
Poroshenko is doomed

The President of Ukraine has become a hostage to Arseniy Yatsenyuk who he did not manage to dismiss. It was stated by the director of the Institute of Strategic Studies “New Ukraine" Andrey Ermolaev, reports The Politnavigator.

The President has become a hostage to his errors of the end of 2015. He should have worked on the coalition government in December when the budget was being adopted. And now he is a hostage to Yatsenyuk. His failure with the public statement about the need of changing the public prosecutor and the profound changes in the government is obvious. In fact, he has lost credibility in his own party, which confirms by the specifics of his faction’s voting. If a political leader's position is not supported by his own party and faction, it is not a leader. Definitely, Poroshenko will be a short president. In the parliamentary elections, during the election campaign, the topic of early presidential elections will be the number one. I think there's even a doom element whether Poroshenko will fight against this or not.

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