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Poland introduces punishment for denying Banderites' crimes

29.01.18 09:35
Poland introduces punishment for denying Banderites' crimes

The lower chamber of the Polish parliament (Seim) on Friday adopted amendments to the law on the National Memory Institute of Poland, which provides for the imposition of a sentence of imprisonment for up to 3 years for denying the crimes of Ukrainian nationalists during World War II.

As reported on the website of the Seim, innovations were supported by the ruling party in the republic "Law and Justice", the Kukiz'15 party and the Polish Peasant Party.

Now this law prohibits propaganda of Bandera in Poland, as well as denial of genocide in Volhynia. This may be fraught with criminal liability. A citizen of Poland and a foreigner can be brought to responsibility. During the discussion of the amendments, representatives of the major opposition Civil Platform party criticized this initiative, in particular pointing out that the purpose of mentioning OUN-UPA crimes was "to hit Ukrainians even harder."

In addition, in accordance with the draft prepared by the Ministry of Justice, anyone who publicly and against facts ascribes to the Polish people or state responsibility or complicity in crimes committed by the Third Reich or other crimes against humanity and the world, as well as war crimes, must also be punished a fine or imprisonment for up to three years. The same punishment threatens for the denial or diminution of the responsibility of the perpetrators of these crimes.

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