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OSCE ready to send new patrol to Donbass if security guarantees provided

28.11.17 07:38
OSCE ready to send new patrol to Donbass if security guarantees provided

The OSCE monitors follow the Travnyevoye locality’s situation and intend to send additional patrol in case all security guarantees are given by conflict parties in the JCCC, reports the OSCE SMM press-service.

Earlier the DPR Operational Command’s Vice-Commander Eduard Basurin reported the OSCE representatives failed to visit the localities, captured by Ukrainian gunmen in the grey zone near Gorlovka. Ukrainian media had also reported that Ukrainian troops captured two localities in the Donbass grey zone, namely Travnevoye and Gladosovo localities.

“We are planning the conjoint patrolling as soon as both sides assist maintaining necessary security guarantees and all the approach roads leading to the localities are cleared and demined,” says the text of the statement.

Presently, as follows from the daily SMM report for 27th of November, the mission checks reports on the deployment of Ukrainian soldiers to Travnevoye locality, situated 51 kilometers to north-east from Donetsk. A senior citizen from Novolugansk reported that on November 21-22, members of the Ukrainian “Aidar” battalion and the 54th brigade entered Travnevoye, and earlier, on the evening of November 14, a bus with workers returning to Travnevoye from a pig farm in Novolugansk was unable to reach its destination because of the Ukrainian Commander’s ban at the checkpoint near Dolomitnoye. As a result, some workers returned home through Mayorsk checkpoint, but most had to stay in Novolugansk. According to the same senior citizen, since 14th of November the electricity supply of the locality has been ceased and locals, mostly senior citizens, failed to leave the village to buy some food in the neighboring DPR controlled Kholmovskoye locality.  

Information on the “Aidar” deployment in Travnevoye was also confirmed by a soldier at the checkpoint near Dolomitnoye, who introduced himself as a battalion serviceman and informed that his unit was redeployed to Travnevoye on November 22 and now controls it. In addition, SMM observers communicated by phone with four residents of Travnevoye and a resident of Novolugansk, who told about the presence of Aidar in the village and the absence of electricity and water supply from November 16. A member of the Novolugansk locality’s council also informed monitors that since November 26 there was no electricity in Gladosovo, but since November 27 the road between Travnevoye, Gladosovo and Kholmovskoye has been reopened for pedestrians after it was closed on November 22.

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