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Only 15 million people to remain in Ukraine in 20 years

25.03.16 02:05
Only 15 million people to remain in Ukraine in 20 years

Ukraine is assigned the role of a grain exporter which is not to have even the most primitive processing industries.

According to The Politnavigator, it was stated by the former MP Andrey Pavlovski, now acting as an expert on social issues, at a press conference in Kiev. He criticized the Ukrainian minister of Economics Abromavichyus who insists on the abolition of the labor records but does not propose to develop industrial production.

‘Where are economic reforms that would help the development of our industry? Do they believe that we don’t need the industry? If they say that Ukraine is to be an agricultural country, I would like to note that there is not a single country booming only through agriculture. Where is, at least, the primitive processing industry? We are denied it. Probably they want us only to sow, export cheap grain and provide technical supervision of the pipeline,’ said the expert.

‘No wonder that they expect no more than 15 million people to live on the territory of Ukraine in 20 or 30 years from now. It’s exactly what’s going to happen,’ concluded Pavlovsky.

It should be noted that currently the population of Ukraine is a bit over 40 million people. Whereas 25 years ago, before the independence, there were 52 million.

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