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Next, possibly final, stage of liberating Russia from the West

18.01.16 02:47
Next, possibly final, stage of liberating Russia from the West

Finally it has started. Vladimir Putin has launched the next and quite possibly the final stage of liberating Russia from the West. The Russian President has sent to the State Duma one of the most dangerous laws the modern Russia has ever known. Russia is throwing away the last deadwood and picking up speed in gaining the leading position.

Putin’s new laws are intended to fully compensate for the losses of the Russian Federation due to a falling dollar and other Western sanctions. The essence of this legislative initiative strangely reminds of a story of a group of borrowers who refused to pay on loans taken in foreign banks, due to the fact that these banks were a part of the economic system of the countries exhibiting aggression towards Russia. They said that they were unwilling to break the law by sponsoring states hostile to their country.

The idea appeared very simple and, at the same time, brilliant. How long should Russia bow politely and pay those who are driving it into a corner, without any hesitations bypassing laws written by themselves or even rewriting these laws altogether?

Not it seems that the time has come to stop it.

According to the new legislation, all state and private Russian companies will stop paying on loans to banks of the countries participating in the sanctions against Russia. At the moment it is about only relatively large loans exceeding $700 billion. The “cleansing” of the economic space will be complete - the retaliation will pinch the tails even of those banks that are registered hell knows where and have only their branches in the countries participating in the economic harassment of Russia.

The AgoraVox writes that this legislative initiative will allow the Russian economics to return the money which the country has lost due to the sanctions and manipulations of oil prices by the West. Speaking about the manipulations of oil prices, the publication means ‘flooding the international oil market with more than 5 million extra barrels a day’ by the Saudis and a focused game at lowering at the New York Mercantile Exchange.

This step seems to have been thoroughly thought out and planned. It coincided with the opening of the St.Petersburg International Exchange, which will allow Russia to break out of the US petrodollar system and, consequently, put an end to the hegemony of the United States once and for all.

In addition, on the eve of the dollar’s collapse the Russian president has long been selling oil for physical gold, not for the green paper which is about to become worthless. For instance, from October to December 2014 Russia bought 55 tons of gold, which is more than what was bought during the same period by all banks of the world put together.

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