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Lugansk Defense: Yearly Situation Report, 30.12.2016

30.12.16 06:30
Lugansk Defense: Yearly Situation Report, 30.12.2016

Today I would like to sum up the results of the LPR People's Militia activities in the expiring year, and also I will tell about the situation on the line of contact.

In 2016 the level of combat training of the LPR People's Militia has significantly grown. It is especially evident according to the results of the staged drills, other planned actions, control and final checks, and also while repelling the aggression of the Ukrainian security officers.

The LPR People's Militia units trained the most various tasks, including the artillery control and air defense. 100% of the military personnel, hundreds of units of military, special and engineering equipment have been involved. There was carried out firing practice with the use of regular tank arms, “Grad” multiple launch rocket systems, different types of artillery and other arms.

In total there were held 2 brigades', 16 battalions' and detachments' tactical maneuvers, companies tactical maneuvers, fighting firing practice of platoons and units of the LPR People's Militia in 2016, and also the level of single training of the military personnel of the LPR People's Militia has considerably increased.

There were organized and held the competitions of "Soldiers of Donbass" among the best crews and divisions of the People's Militia in two categories:

the best crew (tank, IFV, armored personnel carrier, MT-LB);

the best platoon (tank, motorized rifle) of Donbass.

In the conditions of continuous Ukrainian aggression, one of the main tasks of the LPR People's Militia became the ensuring of the high-quality operation of arms and military equipment and maintenance in a combat-ready state. Now there is held an active development of educational, training, repair and polygon base.

In new, 2017 the LPR People's Militia plan of combat training envisages more intensive complex of training, than in the past year. Besides we don't forget about actions aimed at the counteraction of the enemy's sabotage-reconnaissance groups and the terrorism. In a word, the LPR People's Militia is trying to reach new heights of fighting skills.

The criminal Kiev authorities didn't stop trying to destabilize the situation in Donbass, despite the undertaken obligations for observance of the ceasefire regime at negotiations in Minsk, and did everything possible for this purpose.

From January till December, 2016 the Ukrainian security officers have subjected to firings the territory of the republic 1, 369 times.

More than 30 houses and infrastructure facilities of the Republic have been destroyed and damaged. The vital infrastructure, and also the repair crews that tried to eliminate the damages were subjected to artillery and mortar attacks. The fire adjustment of the artillery and mortar units was carried out with the use of unmanned aerial vehicles. The punishers have lost more than 15 UAVs during 2106.

Forces and means of the enemy concentrated in the conflict zone as of December, 2016 are:

personnel– 19, 464 persons;

tanks – 186 units;

artillery cannons of 152 and 122 mm caliber – 235 units;

mortars of 82 and 120 mm caliber – 100 units;

Multiple launch rocket systems – 80 units;

armored combat vehicles (armored personnel carriers, IFV) – 621 units.

During the year we have repelled more than 50 provocations made by the Ukrainian security officers along the line of contact, connected with attempts to break through our positions. The greatest number of such provocations is recorded in the 4th quarter of 2016, after the statements made by the minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Avakov and the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Turchinov to solve the conflict by force and occupy Donbass.

Despite the assistance provided to the Ukrainian security officers by a number of foreign countries in granting of lethal weapons and other means, all attempts to seize positions were unsuccessful. The real evidence my be an AFU offensive on the Debaltsevo direction during which security officers have suffered crushing defeat, and till this day can't make up for the losses from among personnel and arms.

According to official data of Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the losses of the AFU in the anti-terrorist operation zone are 212 dead and 1322 wounded in 2016. However, knowing about the tendency of the Ukrainian military authorities to falsify and conceal data on losses it is only possible to assume the real number of the killed and wounded. According to information from the Ukrainian volunteer organizations and medical staff of large military hospitals both in the anti-terrorist operation zone, and behind the contact line, the number of the dead is more than 600, wounded – more than 2,000.

The criminal orders to fire at the territory of the LPR People's Militia were given by war criminals, ardent nationalists, murderers of civilians of Donbass:

the commander of the 54 separate mechanized brigade Gorbatyuk;

the commander of the 44 separate artillery brigade of Baranov;

the commander of the 24 separate mechanized brigade Shevchenko;

the commander of the 14th separate mechanized brigade Zhakun;

the commander of the 93 separate mechanized brigade Klochkov.

Due to the series of military failures and absence of the volunteers wishing to give life for money of oligarchs, the Kiev junta has taken extreme measures, having recoursed to the help of nationalist punitive battalions. In the conditions of the deepest political and economic crisis, the government of Ukraine in the person of Poroshenko has adopted the resolution to pay the military personnel of National guard of Ukraine an additional monetary allowance, in the amount of 15 000 to 19 000 UAH on the eve of New Year's holidays.

Thus, Poroshenko expects to get support by the National Guard in case of an aggravation of the political crisis and attempt of military coupe by Savchenko.

I would like to remind that the serviceman of AFU who fulfills criminal orders of the Ukrainian government against own people in the so-called anti-terrorist operation zone, receives 7 000 UAH, and will be betrayed by the command at the first opportunity.

According to the statement of the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Turchinov, the Ukrainian Junta is ready to perform offensive operation along the entire front line with daily losses amounting to 1000 people. It is an indicator of the attitude of the caught stealing government towards the AFU military personnel.

Summing up the results of the expiring year, I want to thank all military personnel of the People's Militia for that invaluable contribution to wellbeing of the Republic and devotion to the hard work. And to wish everybody to be successful, good luck and a peaceful skies.

We sincerely hope that in the coming year we won't apply practically our skills and the Ukrainian government will make the only right decisions and take the path of peaceful settlement.

The Chief of the LPR People's Militia Office Colonel Anashchenko O.V., official translation by DONi News Agency



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