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Lugansk Defense: Weekly Situation Report, 05/05/2017

05.05.17 05:37
Lugansk Defense: Weekly Situation Report, 05/05/2017

Good day! Today, I’m going to sum up the results of the LPR People’s Militia units’ activities over the past week and provide you with the information about the situation on the contact line. 

We still don’t weaken our vigilance and pay great attention to the Republic’s security issues. 

At present time formations and units of the People’s Militia keep switching over military equipment to summer-time exploitation. 

The OSCE SMM representatives practically every day record that it is not a violation that the military equipment involved in the Parade is absent at storage sites. I would like to draw international observers’ attention to the fact that we submitted an application for taking part in the parade in advance, all the military hardware involved is used without the allowance of ammunition. 

On the night of May 4-5 Ukraine’s party reduced water supply by 85 % to the Republic from the Western Filtering Station located in Artyom town. It was done when the experts of the public utility company ‘Lugansk Water’ took prophylactic measures of their own sources of water. It confirms premeditation of this action. The goal of this demarche is obvious – to create additional difficulties for Republic’s population and to darken the holiday of the Great Victory. You will fail to do it. A problem will be solved. Water supply will be restored. 

Over the past week there were registered 39 occasions of ceasefire violations on the part of Ukraine’s military. Fire was conducted with the all types of weapons including those prohibited by the Minsk agreements - anti-aircraft installations, IFVs and 120mm mortars. Altogether, 1,011 projectiles and mortar-shells were launched on the territory of the Republic. 

Ukrainian military shelled the following areas of the localities of: 


In the Popasnyanskaya direction: KALINOVO, PERVOMAISK, ALMAZNOYE;


In Stanichno-Lugansky direction: the area of the monument devoted to Prince Igor. 

Besides, over the past week the OSCE Mission registered absence of the following AFU weapons at storage sites in their reports: 

MRLS BM-21 ‘Grad’ – 10 units; 

152mm self-propelled artillery platforms ‘Akatsiya’ – 15 units; 

122mm self-propelled howitzers ‘Gvozdika’ – 10 units; 

122mm towed howitzers D-30 – 8 units; 

120mm mortars – 25 units; 

100mm anti-tank cannoms MT-12 ‘Rapira’ – 12 units; 

Tanks T-64 and T-72 – 32 units; 

We are sure that this very military hardware was used by AFU units to shell the territory of the Lugansk People’s Republic. 

We have drawn community’s attention to the fact, several times already, that on the territory controlled by Kiev junta foreign instructors train groups of saboteurs for sabotage in the Republic. 

Thus, according to the information received from intelligencers in the headquarters ‘Lugansk’ in Starobelske in the vicinity of the locality of Raigorodka (the responsibility zone of the 22nd separate infantry brigade being a part of the 14th separate infantry brigade) guided by the instructor from the USA Dzhon Hug there was finished training of Ukrainian saboteur group amounting up to 20 people to commit sabotage during celebration of the Victory Day (May 9). It’s known that the aims of committing sabotages will be critical infrastructures of the Republic. It is interesting that the age of Ukrainian saboteurs of the trained group is 20-25 years old.  

Due to this, I’m calling upon population, to be vigilant and calm, to pay attention to suspicious things and people, especially during the days of mass celebration, during the period of holidays. Earlier, I’ll remind you, it was reported that the LPR MGB had already opened several criminal cases in relation to Ukrainian saboteurs under the article of ‘act of terrorism’. 

Sergeant Gopyak Taras Yaroslavovich, Ukrainian serviceman of the 24th separate mechanized brigade confirms that, in general, the situation in Ukrainian Army is critical.  

This serviceman told that in the AFU units in the “ATO” zone, hard drinking took place and also that Ukrainian servicemen under the influence of alcohol violated the ceasefire regime and provoked our units into backfire. 

(The video of interrogating the serviceman of the 24th separate infantry brigade Sergeant Gopyak T.Ya. is shown). 

Also, the serviceman confirmed the data of our intelligence on a sad condition of military hardware of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 

(The video of interrogating the serviceman of the 24th separate infantry brigade Sergeant Gopyak T.Ya. is shown). 

And in conclusion, the serviceman says that the modern Ukrainian army is unprofessional and it’s not ready to implement the battle tasks. 

(The video of interrogating the serviceman of the 24th separate infantry brigade Sergeant Gopyak T.Ya. is shown).

Yesterday, on the website of ‘Radio Freedom’ there was published a video showing the moment when the OSCE Mission car had been blown up. This material was presented by the Ukrainian side. Besides, it’s obvious that shooting had been carried out with the professional equipment. It is highly possible that this video is a part of the report on committed sabotage of the Ukrainian sabotage-reconnaissance group. 

A cameraman shot the concrete place – the road where the car was blown up. It confirms, one more time, an earlier-made statement by us on the fact that the act of terrorism, as a result of which one OSCE employee perished and two were wounded, was planned by Ukrainian special forces.  

The units of the People’s Militia fully comply with the Minsk agreements and don’t react to provocations of the part of Ukraine. 

We, as before, are ready and fully open for a peaceful dialogue and cooperation. We stand for the fact so that on our land peace keeps going on and people’s blood isn’t shed. 

The People’s Militia and security agencies of the Republic keep holding trainings on preparation of Parade Crews for the Victory Day. 

We’re inviting all the residents of the Republic to the parade which takes place on May 9 on Lugansk Square to pay tribute to our dear veterans! 

Official representative of the LPR People’s Militia Lieutenant-Colonel Andrey Marochko, official translation by DONi News Agency



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