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Lugansk Defense: Weekly Situation Report, 04/21/2017

21.04.17 04:08
Lugansk Defense: Weekly Situation Report, 04/21/2017

Good day! Today, I’m going to sum up the results of the LPR People’s Militia’s activities over the past week and also provide you with the information about the situation on the contact line.  

Last week tactics, firearms and special trainings were held in the units of the People’s Militia. 

Great attention was drawn to combat trainings of artillery, engineering and intelligence units. 

During troops military training, fighting experience, methods of holding military actions agreed upon conditions of a modern battle are received. Thus, we have developed modern and very effective system of organizing and holding tactics trainings according to the platoon-unit-battalion link. 

In general, units keep improving field training and strive for new heights of military training. 

Over the past week there were registered nine occasions of ceasefire violations on the part of Ukraine’s military. Fire was conducted with all types of weapons, including those prohibited by the Minsk agreements as in 120mm mortars and anti-aircraft installations. Altogether, 320 projectiles and mortar-shells were launched onto the territory of the Republic. 

Ukraine’s military shelled the following areas of the localities of: 

in the Debaltsevo direction: KALINOVKA;

in the Popasnyansky direction: KALINOVO-BORSHCHYEVATOYE, PERVOMAISK;


As you already know, this week Ukrainian side, one more time, didn’t implement conditions of realization of a framework agreement accepted by the trilateral Contact Group on settlement of the situation in Donbass on disengagement of forces and facilities. According to this agreement, the parties were to disengage their forces and facilities from the contact line in the vicinity of the locality of Stanitsa Luganskaya on April 18. 

We implemented all the preparatory measures and the People’s Militia was ready to disengage its units from the contact line in proper time.  

We hope that the Ukrainian side will work up the courage and implement its obligations taken on disengagement of forces and facilities. 

Ukraine’s command keeps violating conditions of dislocation of heavy weapons prohibited by the Minsk agreements along the contact line; this is confirmed by the data of our intelligence. Thus, in the localities of:

ARTYOMOSVK – there was detected arrival of a military train with 152mm self-propelled artillery platforms ‘Akatsiya’ and ten tanks at a railway station; 

TROITSKOYE – there are located three 122mm artillery howitzers D-30 on positions; 

IZHEVKA – there was detected three MRLS ‘Grad’; 

NOVOLUGANSKOYE – there was detected arrival of six MRLS ‘GRAD’. 

Besides, this week the OSCE Mission recorded absence of the following AFU weapons at storage sites in their reports:

MRLS BM-21 ‘GRAD’ – 10 units; 

152mm howitzers ‘Giatsint-B’ – 8 units; 

152mm self-propelled artillery platforms ‘Akatsiya’ – 20 units; 

122mm self-propelled howitzers ‘Gvozdika’ – 18 units; 

122mm self-propelled howitzers D-30 – 12 units; 

120mm mortars – 26 units; 

100mm anti-tank cannons MT-12 ‘Rapira’ – 12 units; 

Tanks T-64 and T-72 – 32 units. 

There is confidence that it is the weapons with which the AFU units regularly shell the territory of the Lugansk People’s Republic. 

Even Ukraine’s media doesn’t conceal the fact that the situation in the modern Ukrainian army is critical. Thus, on Ukrainian news agency ‘Informator’ there was published an article about non-Army regulation relationship between the servicemen of the 93rd separate mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (the brigade’s commander – Klochkov V.V.), as a result of which a serviceman under the influence of alcohol cut the officer with a knife. 

In the same 93rd separate mechanized brigade, in the unit of a senior lieutenant Andrei Gasyuk, so-called ‘Everest’ received an order ‘People’s Hero of Ukraine’ for his bloody crimes against civilians of Donbass, servicemen from the so-called “ATO” zone receive vacation for 5,000 UAH. 

The Vice Commander of the 1st battalion of the 53rd separate mechanized brigade,  Major Dokhin Sergei Borisovich organized grenade and small arms supply from the “ATO” zone. This fact is confirmed by search held by law enforcement officers at a house of the arms seller at the address of Kiev City, Teodor Draizer Str., 18/48. 
We can endlessly enumerate the facts of what is going on in AFU units, people know about.  

I suppose that the Verkhovna Rada decided to impose a charging scheme towards AFU servicemen for disciplinable offenses. Thus, for example, there is a 2,000 UAH fine for drinking alcohol, and for sloppy attitude to service – there is a 5,000 UAH fine (or service limitation up to 2 years or deprivation of freedom up to three years). 

But I think that these measures won’t contribute to normalization of the situation in the AFU. 

According to the information we have, after holding replacement of the 54th separate mechanized brigade by the 53rd separate mechanized brigade in the vicinity of Svetlodarsk on day one servicemen  of the 1st battalion of the brigade organized an alcohol party during which there was raped a battalion secret unit woman-worker. 

The units of the People’s Militia fully implement the Minsk agreements and don’t react to provocations on the part of Ukraine. 

We, as before, are ready and completely opened for a peace dialogue and cooperation. We stand for the fact so that on our land peace keeps going on and people’s blood won’t be shed. 

Official representative of the LPR People’s Militia Lieutenant-Colonel Andrey Marochko, official translation by DONi News Agency


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