Lugansk Defense: Weekly Situation Report, 04/14/2017

14.04.17 04:08
Lugansk Defense: Weekly Situation Report, 04/14/2017

Good day! 

Today, I’m going to sum up the results of the LPR People’s Militia units’ activities over the past week and also provide you with the information about the situation on the contact line. 

We still don’t weaken our vigilance and draw greater attention to issues of the Republic’s security. 

Tactics, firearms and special trainings were held with the units of the People’s Militia during the past week. 

Greater attention was drawn to combat training of artillery, engineering and intelligence units. 

Practical fire and trainings on operational coordination were held with tank, anti-tank and flame platoons. Controlling trainings were held for the winter period of education. 

Over the past week there were registered 25 occasions of ceasefire violations on the part of Ukrainian military.

Fire was conducted with all types of weapons, including those prohibited by the Minsk agreements as in 122mm artillery and 120mm mortars. Altogether 464 projectiles and mortar-shells were launched onto the territory of the Republic. 

Ukrainian military shelled the following areas of the localities of:




in the STANICHNO-LUGANSKY direction: KRASNY YAR and the area of the monument devoted to Prince Igor. 

As a result of fire of Ukraine’s artillery there was wounded one civilian of the Republic, three residential houses were damaged. 

Apart from it, on April 9 Ukraine’s party, one more time, didn’t meet conditions of realization of a framework agreement and refused to disengage forces and facilities in the vicinity of STANITSA LUGANSKAYA, demonstrating the full disdain of the ceasefire regime imposed in Donbass since April 1. 

These facts tell only about one thing – Ukraine’s criminal leadership isn’t going to comply with the Minsk agreements and make everything to disrupt them, aimed at justifying the civil fratricidal war started by Kiev in Donbass. 

Ukraine’s command keeps violating the conditions of location of heavy weapons prohibited by the Minsk agreements along the contact line. 

Our intelligence recorded facts of dislocation of military hardware to reinforce Ukraine’s units. 

In ARTYOMOVSK – there was registered arrival of another batch of AFU military equipment at the railway station. 152mm self-propelled artillery platforms ‘Akatsiya’ and thirty tanks were among them; 

In POPASNAYA – there was detected a self-propelled artillery platform of 152mm caliber ‘Akatsiya’; 

In OREKHOVO – there was detected a firing position of 122mm self-propelled artillery platform ‘Gvozdika’;

In TROITSKOYE – two artillery howitzers D-30 of 122mm caliber are located on positions; 

In IZHEVK – there was detected presence of three MRLS ‘Grad’; 

In VALUISKOYE – there three tanks arrived. 

Besides, OSCE Mission representatives keep registering absence of AFU military equipment at the storage sites. We’re talking about 63 tanks, 21 anti-tank cannons and 43 grenade launchers. Absence of this military hardware is already recorded for a long time but there is still no Ukrainian authorities’ reaction to this fact. The AFU units regularly shell the Republic’s localities with the weapons mentioned above. 

The Armed Forces of Ukraine keep suffering non-battle losses due to drinking boozes and violating security measures. 

Altogether, over the past week it became known about eight dead and seven wounded of AFU servicemen as a result of such incidents. It is a testimony to commanders’ indifferent attitude to their subordinates left to their fates under conditions of the senseless civil war. 

The People’s Militia units fully comply with the Minsk agreements and don’t react to provocations on the part of Ukraine. 

We, as before, are ready and fully open for a peaceful dialog and cooperation. We stand for the fact that peace keeps going on our land and so that people’s blood is not shed. 

Official representative of the LPR People’s Militia Lieutenant-Colonel Andrey Marochko, official translation by DONi News Agency 


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