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Lugansk Defense: Weekly Situation Report, 03/24/2017

24.03.17 04:35
Lugansk Defense: Weekly Situation Report, 03/24/2017

Good afternoon!

Today, I will traditionally sum up the activities of the Lugansk People's Republic's People's Militia units over the past week, and provide information about the situation on the contact line.

We still do not weaken vigilance, paying increased attention to the security issues of the Republic. To this end, tactical and fire trainings, as well as special trainings with reconnaissance, communications, EW and inventory and logistics management were conducted at the PM proving grounds during the current week.

Practical shooting and training sessions were conducted in order to consolidate platoons, during which various tactical tasks were worked out, such as conducting defense, repelling an attack and switching to a counterattack.

In general, we are raising the level of professionalism and readiness to fulfill the tasks of protecting and keeping safe the citizens of the Republic according to the plan.

Over the past week, Ukrainian forces committed 56 occasions of ceasefire violation. Fire was conducted from all types of weapons. In particular, 155-mm and 122-mm artillery, 120-mm mortars, which are banned by the Minsk Agreements, were applied. In total, 2,084 shells and mortar rounds were fired at the territory of the Republic.

Positions of the People's Militia units came under fire from Ukrainian punishers in the areas of localities:

in the Debaltsevo direction: Kalinovka, Logvinovo, Lozovoye, Nizhneye Lozovoye, Vesyologorovka. Orders to open fire at the territory of the LPR were given by commander of the AFU 54 mechanized brigade Colonel Gorbatyuk.

in the Popasnoye direction: Kalinovo, Kalinovo-Borschevatoe. Orders to open fire were given by commander of the 24 separate mechanized brigade Shevchenko.

in the Slavyanoserbsk direction: Sokolniki,  Frunse, Zhelobok, Donetsky, Zheltoye, Smeloye, Rayovka, Prishib, Khorosheye, Petrovenky.  Orders to open fire at these localities were given by commander of the 93 separate mechanized brigade Klochkov.

in Stanitsa Luganskaya direstion: the area of the monument to Knyaz Igor. Orders to open fire at this locality were given by commander of the 14 mechanized brigade Zhakun.   

As a result of Ukrainian artillery's fire, one serviceman of the People's Militia, who is currently hospitalized, was wounded.

These facts only indicate one thing: the criminal leadership of Ukraine does not plan to implement the Minsk Agreements and is doing everything to violate them in the continuation of the fratricidal war in Donbass.

Despite our desire for a peaceful settlement of the conflict, in full compliance with the conditions of the ceasefire regime, the units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces continue to aggravate the situation in the region by regrouping equipment, including those banned by the Minsk Agreements, near the line of demarcation.

Near Schastie locality – there were detected AFU weapons in the territory of the TPP: one MLRS BM-21 Grad, six IFVs-2, three AVVs.

Near Zolotoye locality – in the responsibility zone of the AFU 24 brigade there was detected presence of private military companies’ instructors from Western countries.

​The absence of the AFU weapon at the withdrawal sites also confirms the monitoring OSCE Mission, which publishes in its daily reports the facts of violations by the Ukrainian side of the Minsk Agreements.

So, this week there was a lack of the following armament of the AFU in designated storage areas:

152-mm towed howitzer Hyacinth-B – two units;

152-mm towed howitzer Msta-B – five units;

122-mm self-propelled howitzers 2C1 Gvozdika – two units;

In connection with the introduction of a charching scheme applied to servicemen of the Ukrainian Armed Forces for gross violations of the charter of military service, there is a general breakdown of contracts by junior officers. To fill the ranks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the Ukrainian Command organized three-months officer courses on the basis of military educational institutions of Ukraine.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to bear non-combat casualties due to excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages. So, it became known that on March 1, being on the position in the area of the settlement Krysmkoye, the servicemen of the 93 separate motorized brigade drank alcohol, as a result of which senior lieutenant M. Nechayev shot the private V. Goncharuk from the assault rifle, and on March 15, in the vicinity of the settlement Lisichanks, the serviceman of the same brigade junior sergeant died of excessive drinking.

A few days ago, in the vicinity of Tsaryovka locality, on the firing position of the 2nd battalion of the AFU 14th separate motorized brigade there was a rupture of the "Molot" mortar. Two servicemen died and seven were wounded due to the explosion. Among the dead – the commander of the 2nd battalion of the 14 separate motorized brigade Captain A. Buranov.

In addition, cases of conflicts among the armed forces' fighters and nationalists of the "Right Sector" have become more frequent. As a result of another such conflict, which occurred in the locality of Stanitsa Luganskaya, two fighters of the "Right Sector" perished, four were injured.

In total, over the past week, it became known about fifteen dead servicemen of the Armed Forces as a result of various violations of security requirements.

The units of the People's Militia strictly observe the Minsk Agreements and do not react to provocations from the Ukrainian side.

We, as before, are ready and fully open to peaceful dialogue and cooperation. We are in favor of preserving peace in our land and not shedding human blood.

Thank you for attention.

Official representative of the LPR People’s Militia Lieutenant-Colonel Andrey Marochko,

official translation by DONi News Agency


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