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Lugansk Defense: Weekly Situation Report, 03/10/2017

10.03.17 03:17
Lugansk Defense: Weekly Situation Report, 03/10/2017

Good afternoon!

Today I will sum up the activities of the People's Militia units of the Lugansk People's Republic for the past week, and I will also present information on the situation on the contact line.

The People's Militia units conduct tactical and firing trainings at proving grounds, as well as special trainings with intelligence, air defense, EW, communications and logistics units involved.

Particular attention was paid to exercises with communications units, during which military signallers were fulfilling the standards for deployment of field units and communication organizations. The peculiarity of trainings was the provision of continuous, sustainable control in the conditions of the enemy electronic warfare. Signallers demonstrated a high training level and a good knowledge of standard equipment.

In addition, the LPR People's Militia continues providing assistance to people in need and socially unprotected strata of the population. So, this week, the People's Militia together with the International Red Cross Committee, donated humanitarian aid in the form of food set to the families of the deceased soldiers of the LPR People’s Militia.

As you know already, this week the Ukrainian party once again failed to fulfil the conditions for implementing the framework agreement on disengagement of forces and facilities adopted by the Tripartite Contact Group for the settlement of the situation in Donbass. According to this decision, the parties were to withdraw their forces and facilities from the line of combat contact on March 7 in the area of Stanitsa Luganskaya locality.

As for our party, all the preparatory measures were carried out, and the LPR People’s Militia was ready to timely withdraw its units from the line of combat contact.

We are still ready to comply with the terms of the framework agreement, and we hope that the Ukrainian party will still have the courage to fulfil its obligations on withdrawal of its units.

Over the past week, Ukrainian military violated the ceasefire 109 times. The fire was launched with all types of weapons. Among other, there was used 152mm and 122mm artillery, 120mm and 82mm mortars, forbidden by Minsk agreements. At that, 3,082 projectiles and shells were fired onto the Republic’s territory.

The People's Militia units’ positions were attacked by Ukrainian military near the following localities:

In the Debaltsevo direction: Kalinovka, Logvinovo, Lozovoye, Sanzharovka, Vesyologorovka. Orders to opening fire were given by the commander of the 54th AFU brigade Gorbatyuk.

In the Popasnaya direction: Kalinovo, Zolotoye, Marievka, Annovka, Pervomaisk, Molodyozhnoye, Kalinovo-Borschevatoye. Orders to open the fire were given by the commander of the 24th mechanized AFU brigade Shevchenko.

In the Slavyanoserbsk direction: Sokolniki, Donetsky, Frunze, Smeloye, Zhelobok, Prishib, Krasny Liman. Orders to open fire at these localities were given by the commander of the 93rd mechanized brigade Klochkov.

In the Stanitsa Luganskaya direction: the area of ​​the monument to Knyaz Igor. The commander of 14th mechanized brigade Zhakun gave orders to open fire at these localities.

These facts, when put together, bear evidence of the only idea: the criminal government of Ukraine does not intend to implement the Minsk Agreements and bends every effort to disrupt them and continue the fratricidal war.

One soldier of the LPR People’s Militia was killed in the Ukrainian artillery shelling.

The Ukrainian leadership continues ignoring political achievements of the contact group which are an integral part of the peaceful way of settlement of the conflict in Donbass.

During the week, Ukrainian military repeatedly attempted to commit bloody acts of terror against civilians. So:

On March 4, as a result of another shelling, a civilian was injured in the head and arms in the village of Frunze;

March 7, Ukrainian military shelled the village of Donetsky, that is in the Pervomaisky district, having caused damage to the house number 56 on Stepnaya St., an outbuilding was destroyed on Sevastopolskaya St.;

On March 8, as a result of a mortar shelling of the village of Marievka, one apartment house was damaged.

By such actions Ukrainian soldiers once again confirm that they can only fight with the peaceful population of Donbass.

The build-up of the number of heavy weapons, prohibited by the Minsk Agreements, continues along the contact line:

- Near Valuiskoye – there was detected movement of two 152-mm self-propelled artillery mounts Akatsiya and one Ural vehicle with ammunition.

- Near Novozvanovka – there were detected firing positions of a mortar battery, six 82-mm mortars of the 17th separate tank brigade;

- Near Mironovsky – there were detected two firing positions of 122mm artillery howitzers D-30 of the 54th brigade;

- Near Nizhneye – there was detected the arrival of a column of the enemy military equipment comprising five cargo vehicles with ammunition and two fuel-servicing trucks, accompanied by one IFV.

In addition, this week the OSCE Mission registered in its reports the absence the following weapons in storage sites of the AFU military equipment:

MLRS BM-21 Grad – 18 units;

152-mm howitzers Giatsynt-B – eight units;

152-mm self-propelled artillery mounts Akatsiya – 21 units;

122-mm self-propelled howitzers Gvozdika – 15 units;

122-mm towed howitzers D-30 – six units;

120-mm mortar – 26 units;

100-mm anti-tank guns MT-12 Rapira – 12 units;

Tanks T-64 and T-72 – 30 units.

We are sure that it is precisely from this armament that the units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces regularly bombard the territory of the Lugansk People's Republic.

Despite the fact that drones’ application on the contact line was prohibited by the Minsk Agreements, the Ukrainian Command continues using them for reconnaissance purpose.  It should be reminded that, according to the agreements achieved in Minsk, the drones’ application on the contact line was prohibited.

We regularly record the enemy’s air reconnaissance stepping up along the contact line.

Thus, on March 7, in Khristovo locality’s area in the LPR responsibility zone another Ukrainian drone, flying from the Kiev-controlled Nizhnyeteploye locality’s direction was captured and landed.

 Ukrainian drones were also detected flying over Lozovoye, Sanzharovka and Kalinovo localities.

The discipline level continues to decrease in the Ukrainian troops.

The number of non-combat casualties connected with alcohol intoxication among the Ukrainian soldiers increased greatly.

One of such cases happened in Schastie locality, where on March 5 two soldiers of the 14th brigade were seriously wounded as a result of the demolition on a mortar round because of the soldiers’ being in the state of intoxication. In Petrovka locality’s area three brigade’s soldiers got wounded under the same circumstances, having tripped a wire.

On the March 6, in Stanitsa Luganskaya locality soldiers of the same brigade were unloading boxes with grenade launchers’ shells, being intoxicated. As a result of the security protocols’ violation, a grenade explosion took place and four soldiers got wounds of various severity level.

Apart from it, the drunken fight resulted in a knife wound of one soldier from the 24th Ukrainian brigade’s 2nd battalion.

The Ukrainian government continues to use military assistance from Western patrons, as well as to resort to the services of corrupt foreign PMCs.

According to the information we have, several hundred mercenaries from Canada, the Baltic States, Poland and Georgia, armed with small arms and lightly armoured vehicles, arrived in the settlements near the contact line.

So, in the localities of Bobrovskoye and Bobrovo, that is in the Severodonetsk district, the deployment of three field camps was detected, in which foreign military instructors train servicemen of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to conduct sabotage and reconnaissance operations, as well as tactics of mop-up operations in urban conditions.

Also, the presence of training camps was detected on the territory of Schastie locality, where American and Polish instructors conduct training sessions for snipers and subversive and reconnaissance groups for their further redeployment and operation in the territory of the LPR.

In the village of Polovinkino, that is in the Starobelsky district, arrived about 500 foreign mercenaries armed with US-built vehicles and having SUVs "Pickup", "Hammer", as well as infantry fighting vehicles and armoured personnel carriers.

In the Tryokhizbenka locality of the Slavyanoserbsky district, a group of foreign mercenaries, armed with small arms manufactured in the NATO countries, was detected.

These facts once again confirm that the oligarchic Kiev authorities do not intend to conduct a peaceful dialogue to settle the situation in Donbass, but instead uses any opportunities for its destabilization, thereby trying to divert the attention of Ukrainian citizens from numerous internal problems.

All of us – Ukrainians and Donbass residents – need peace. But, along with this, I want to assure you – We will not back down. Each provocation will be given a worthy repulse. We are devoted to our Republic, and our Spirit can not be broken, regardless of war or blockade.

Thank you for your attention.

Official representative of the LPR People’s Militia Lieutenant-Colonel Andrey Marochko,
official translation by DONi News Agency


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