Lugansk Defense: Situation Report, 30.11.2016

30.11.16 01:26
Lugansk Defense: Situation Report, 30.11.2016

The situation in the zone of responsibility of the LPR People's Militia hasn't changed and remains tense.

Over the last day the Ukrainian punishers two times have subjected to firing the positions of our units near the monument to "Prince Igor".

The fire was opened from grenade machine guns, rocket anti-tank launchers and small arms. There are no losses among the military personnel of the LPR People's Militia.

The order to open fire was given by the commander of the AFU 24d brigade Shevchenko.

Despite our aspiration to peaceful settlement of the conflict at full implementation of conditions of the ceasefire regime, the AFU units continue whipping up tension in the region, carrying out a regrouping of the military equipment what is forbidden by the Minsk Agreements near the line of the contact line.

For the increase of fighting capacity of the units and strengthening of the defensive positions, the enemy focuses the main efforts on protection and defense of earlier occupied areas and additional engineering of the positions.

There continues the internal rotation of the military personnel on the positions in the responsibility zone of the 14th mechanized brigade and providing divisions with military property. We are aware of the movement of the enemy's two columns consisting of weapons and military equipment. The first column consisting of two vehicles and one IFV has proceeded from the locality of Bolotennoye towards the positions of the strong point of the 14th mechanized brigade near the natural boundary of Sharov Kut. Presumably, this was done for the replacement of the units on the advanced position. The second column consisting of 4 artillery prime movers, accompanied by the armored personnel carrier, has proceeded from the locality of Artyoma in the direction of the locality of Schastye. Presumably, there was carried out a transportation of military property and food from warehouses of the 14th mechanized brigade.

Besides, the command of the 93d mechanized brigade gives classes with the subordinated units for maintenance of combat readiness. We are aware of the training on the repulse of the enemy's attack on the sentry outpost with occupation of firing positions and movement of the equipment on the positions of the AFU 93d brigade, near the line of fighting contact, 4 km to the south from the locality of Krymskoye.

Alongside the personnel and arms, the AFU continue moving a large number of ammunition to the line of contact. So, in the responsibility zone of the 24th brigade, 2 km to the northwest of the locality of Popasnoye there was detected the placement of warehouses of rocket and artillery arms. The warehouses are placed at the open area fenced with a barbed wire and patrolled by guard. Also, there are warehouses of artillery ammunition on eastern suburb of the locality of Popasnaya in the cellar of a residential house.

Thus, the war criminals are increasing stocks of ammunition for carrying out provocative actions against the LPR People's Militia and firing at the territory of the Republic.

The LPR People' Militia continues carrying out intensive combat training and coordination of the units according to the plan. The trainings with personnel and units regarding putting on an alert of various degree are regularly held.

This morning a sudden inspection of the combat readiness of the units of communication and investigation of the LPR People's Militia was carried out. During the inspection the operators and intelligence agents practiced to perfection the tasks of tactical and special readiness. The military personnel of the checked units coped with tasks with aplomb.

We urge again the world states which are the guarantors of security to pay at last attention to the critical situation in Donbass.

Our position remains invariable, namely – we continue observing all paragraphs of agreements and we don't take the blame for the attempts of the aggressor to aggravate the situation in the conflict zone.

Official representative of the LPR People’s Militia Major Andrey Marochko, official translation by DONi News Agency


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