Lugansk Defense: Situation Report, 23.12.2016

23.12.16 02:44
Lugansk Defense: Situation Report, 23.12.2016

The situation along the contact line did not undergo essential changes. 

Shellings keep going in the Debaltsevo direction, despite the tendency for the increase in the number of shellings. 

Over the past 24 hours the Armed Forces of Ukraine shelled the positions of the People’s Militia 6 times in the vicinities of Kalinovka, Zhyoltoye and Logvinovo, having launched 88 artillery shells of 152mm caliber, 192 mortar-shells of 120mm and 82mm caliber on the territory of the Republic. Grenade launchers and small arms were used as well. 

The Kiev-junta is still relying on a force variant of settling the conflict and doing everything for this, violating the agreements reached in Minsk and roughly ignoring all standards of the international law and common world conventions and also on the back of the reached agreements, according to the Contact Group work results at the negotiations in Minsk on resuming the ceasefire regime at 00:00 on December, 24, 2016. We have got know about the plans of Ukraine’s criminal military leadership’s to utilize the modernized tanks T-72B in the Debaltsevo direction that came to the 3rd tank-battalion of the 54th brigade. It is possible that in such a way the Kiev punishers have already started using the ceasefire regime to prepare a bridgehead for holding a full-fledged offensive.  

We are also surprised by the international observers’ reaction to the ongoing events in Svetlodarskaya duga. Thus, the first deputy head of the OSCE Mission to Ukraine Alexander Hug stated that the patrols of the Mission had ceased their work in this area and they are not aware of what is happening there. Such an indifference is not acceptable for the international monitoring mission targeted at controlling implementation the ceasefire regime, the activities of which is based on the principles of indifference and humanity. 

Besides the Ukrainian punishers keep committing terror and genocide of their own population. Thus in the area of the locality of Aleksandrovka of the Lugansk region, while patrolling the border with the Russian Federation, the Right Sector Nazi-gunmen shelled a cowboy and a few cows.  

Our units permanently stay on station to provide our residents with security and carry out events concerning military training to maintain a high readiness for reflecting any provocative acts and aggressions on the part of the Ukrainian punishers.  

We are ready for peacefully settling the conflict in Donbass via a political dialogue and we totally implement all the reached agreements in Minsk. 

Official representative of the LPR People’s Militia Major Andrey Marochko, official translation by DONi News Agency


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