Lugansk Defense: Situation Report, 04/02/2017

02.04.17 03:09
Lugansk Defense: Situation Report, 04/02/2017

The situation in the responsibility zone of the LPR People's Militia has a tendency towards stabilization.

Over the past day, there were registered two ceasefire violations by the enemy. Our units’ positions in the vicinities of Smeloye and Kalinovka localities were attacked. During the bombardments, the enemy applied anti-aircraft mounts, infantry fighting vehicles, and small arms. A total of more than 100 projectiles, shells and grenades were launched onto the Republic’s territory.

The Ukrainian command, apparently, is not going to withdraw the weapons prohibited by the Minsk Agreements. Thus, in the vicinity of Krymskoye locality, at a distance of three km from the contact line, there were detected two batteries of self-propelled artillery mounts belonging to the 24th AFU brigade.

The Ukrainian command also continues the transfer of weapons to the so-called ‘ATO’ zone, to localities near the contact line. According to the information received from local residents, it became known that on the southern outskirts of Muratovo village there was stationed a concentration of enemy equipment numbering to some 15 units. Patrols are monitoring the area.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine continue understating their non-combat losses. Thus, it became known that at night, after humiliations and insults on the part of fellow soldiers, a serviceman of the 2nd mechanized battalion of the 24th separate mechanized brigade tried to leave self-willedly the unit’s base in the vicinity of Popasnaya locality. When passing by the military unit, the soldier tripped a wire set by his fellow soldiers, as a result of which he lost both legs.

Besides, we established the fact of the ‘ATO’ commission’s operating in the responsibility zone of the 14th separate mechanized brigade, inspecting the units’ manning level. This was caused by the establishment of the reasons for the large shortage of personnel in this brigade’s units.

The ‘Antiterrorist Centre’ of the Security Service of Ukraine continues conducting terror and intimidation of civilians in the occupied territories. In particular, it has been established that local residents were undergoing constant checks, interrogations, extortions of money by Ukrainian special services in Severodonetsk, Lisichansk, Starobelsk, Rubezhnoye and other big localities. If a person refuses to pay, he is accused of separatism, and a fabricated criminal case is initiated.

In turn, the LPR People's Militia units hold regular military trainings, servicemen are engaged in servicing weapons and military equipment, improving the educational and material base.

We resist provocations by the AFU and strictly observe the ‘silence’ regime introduced since April 1.

Official representative of the LPR People’s Militia Lieutenant-Colonel Andrey Marochko,

official translation by DONi News Agency


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