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Lugansk Defense: Situation Report, 03/30/2017

30.03.17 02:28
Lugansk Defense: Situation Report, 03/30/2017

The situation in the responsibility zone of the LPR People’s Militia remains tense.

Over the past 24 hours there were twenty two occasions of violations of the ceasefire regime by the enemy. The positions of our units in the areas of the localities of Kalinovo, Logvinovo, Frunze, Pervomaisk, Smeloye, Almaznoye, Veselyenkoye, Sokolniki, the area of the monument to Knyaz Igor, Kalinovka and Sanzharovka, as well as Lugansk suburb, were attacked. During shellings the enemy used artillery of 122-mm calibre, mortars of 120-mm and 82-mm calibre, IFV cannons, grenade launchers of various types and small arms. In total, over 400 projectiles, mortar rounds and grenades were fired at the Republic’s territory.

The Ukrainian Command systematically violates the conditions for military weapons presence, envisaged by the Minsk Agreements, along the contact line, as well as continues to build up the combat potential of their units in the so-called ‘ATO’ zone.

So, in the vicinity of the settlement of Krymskoye, at a distance of 3 km from the contact line, we identified the location of two batteries of self-propelled artillery units from the 24 brigade of the AFU.

Temporary settlements of the units of 24 separate mechanized brigade were revealed by our reconnaissance: 1 battalion in the Kalinovo-Popasnaya area, 2 battalions in the area of Popsnaya locality, 3 battalions in the Kamyshevakha area. These units constantly fire at the positions of our units, which is also recorded by the JCCC and the SMM OSCE.

According to the information available to us, the moral and psychological state of the servicemen of the 3rd separate mechanized brigade 24 is characterized as low, due to the continued bullying of officers against soldiers. So, it became known about the suicide committed by the servicemen of the above-mentioned unit on March 28 on the basis of constant money taxes from their commanders.

A series of murders and mopping up of witnesses of military property's embezzlement in the zone of the so-called 'ATO' continues. So, in Zaporozhye the body of the cameraman with traces of violent death was found, who worked on the front line. We became aware that he filmed and sent video material with facts of theft of weapons and ammunition to the Security Service. But instead of conducting the trial, the special services eliminated the witness.

In turn, units of the LPR People's Militia conduct combat training according to the plan: servicemen are engaged in servicing weapons and military equipment, improving the educational and material base. Training camps are continuing with reservists of artillery units.

We do not succumb to the provocations of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and strictly comply with the Minsk agreements, but in case of gross violations from the Ukrainian side, we are ready to act decisively.

Official representative of the LPR People’s Militia Lieutenant-Colonel Andrey Marochko,

official translation by DONi News Agency


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