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Kiev rejects DPR-proposed exchange list at Minsk negotiations

08.10.17 05:16
Kiev rejects DPR-proposed exchange list at Minsk negotiations

Kiev's representatives to the talks in Minsk have not changed their destructive stance on the exchange of prisoners, refusing this time to include 58 persons proposed by the DPR, stated the Republic’s Commissioner for Human Rights, Daria Morozova.

"During the meeting of the humanitarian subgroup in Minsk, the issue of exchanging detained persons was again discussed. Since the discussion at the last meeting, representatives of the Ukrainian side have not change their position on the exchange, refusing to include 11 persons accused of particularly serious crimes or those convicted under relevant articles, and 47 people who, in their opinion, had nothing to do with the developments of the so-called ‘ATO’, in the exchange list," Morozova said, commenting on the lastest meeting of the humanitarian subgroup in Minsk, which took place on October 4.

She stressed that Donetsk representatives insisted on the inclusion of these individuals in the lists and urged the Ukrainian side not to divide the detained into categories. According to Morozova, as soon as this happens, the DPR will immediately proceed to their exchange in accordance with the Minsk agreements.

Meanwhile, the issue of returning documents to 126 supporters of the Republic, released from the Ukrainian detainment, was again raised during the talks.

"Representatives of Kiev reported that 80 percent of the documents certifying the identity of persons who had been released as a result of the exchange were among the materials of criminal proceedings and the issue of making a ‘creative’ legal document, providing for their withdrawal and subsequent transfer to representatives of the Donetsk People's Republic, would be considered. In turn, I insisted on the procedural purification of these persons," Morozova said.

In connection with this, with a view to return the documents as soon as possible, the Republic put forward a proposal to involve official representatives of the UN to the resolution of this issue, to which the Ukrainian side agreed.

"We are expecting reciprocal steps of the plenipotentiary representatives of Ukraine in Minsk and we hope for a constructive dialogue at the next meeting so that the long-awaited exchange will take place in the near future," the DPR Ombudsman concluded.

Let us recall that the latest exchange of prisoners between Ukraine and the DPR took place almost a year ago in September. Then the Ukrainian side released four peaceful residents of Donbass, receiving two people who had been suspected by law enforcement agencies of involvement in subversive and terrorist activities. After that, it was impossible to agree on exchanges at the Minsk platform because of the position of the Ukrainian side.

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