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Kiev illegally held two civilians in captivity especially for exchange

18.09.16 12:52
Kiev illegally held two civilians in captivity especially for exchange

The Kiev military kept in cellar an elderly resident of the DPR and her son released by the Ukrainian court, in order to exchange them for the SBU Colonel detained in Donetsk, stated the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Donetsk People's Republic Darya Morozova.

It was reported that on the bridge at the Schastye locality controlled by the Kiev military there took place the exchange of prisoners and detainees during which the Ukrainian party released four Donbass civilians, having received two people suspected by the DPR and LPR law enforcement agencies of participation in subversive and terrorist activity.

"The SBU Colonel (Yury Suprun) was exchanged for a 75-year-old elderly lade tho had been tortured in prison. They let her and her son go. They were officially released about one and a half weeks ago by the decision of the Mariupol court, and disappeared. Even the UN human rights officials addressed me with this case. I told them the where they were staying stably in the Mariupol SBU — in a cellar. But today, as we see, they were transferred to us within another exchange," said Morozova.

"It seems like I am released, but I'm not," added Diana Prokofyevna born in 1941 released yesterday by the Kiev military.

Her fifty-year-old son Valery Vasilyevich said that the first what he will try to do after being released, is "to try to forget everything what happened in the Ukrainian prison".

The issue of prisoners' exchange is one of the main aspects of the Minsk Agreement.

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