Kiev authorities get Avakov in a tight corner

30.01.17 07:31
Kiev authorities get Avakov in a tight corner

The Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs, Arsen Avakov probably will have to leave his post as the political pressure on him increases.

The Avakov’s situation got worse as the investigation of the shooting among the police officers in Knyazhichi village has begun. It should be underlined that during the shooting five people died.

In the General Prosecutor’s office and the Ukrainian State Security Service minister was told, that he will have to accept the consequences by losing his posts in the Ministry cabinet or even his whole career can be ruined.

«He was given two month to pack his stuff and leave the Ministry cabinet. There no place for manoeuvre, he has his back to the wall because of the Martynenko  and Knyazhichi cases. It was after the shooting that the high-level meeting was held, where Avakov was told to leave. Now he is persuaded to make it quietly with his team» - the Verchovna Rada deputy Sergey Kaplin underlines.

Not just Avakov, but the whole “Narodny front” party are in troubles. According to Ukrainian political analytic Aleksey Yakubin, the “”Narodny Front” party is to be put aside from solving any coalition questions.

At the beginning on the December five police officers died during the shooting between the State security members and police unit «KORD» in Knyazhichi settlement near Kiev. Petr Poroshenko demanded to punish all guilty and the General Prosecutor’s office investigates the case of murder

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