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Israel notes growth of anti-Semitism in Ukraine

30.01.18 04:06
Israel notes growth of anti-Semitism in Ukraine

The Israeli authorities have revealed by the end of 2017 a two-fold increase in the number of anti-Semitic incidents in Ukraine and the continuing trend of its decline in Russia.

In a 72-page document published by the Ministry for Diaspora Affairs, Ukraine was named the leader of the post-Soviet space by the frequency of verbal attacks and violent actions against Jews, their property, shrines and community institutions.

"In Ukraine there is a doubling of the number of anti-Semitic incidents against the backdrop of a trend towards the revival of nationalism in Eastern Europe, attempts to rehabilitate and glorify the nationalist movements of the past and their leaders responsible for the murder and expulsion of Jews," the ministry wrote.

"This is the second year in a row when Ukraine records the largest number of reported incidents in the former USSR, with an emphasis on anti-Semitic propaganda in political discourse and vandalism against Jewish objects such as cemeteries, memorials of Holocaust victims, and community buildings," the document says.

The authors of the report blamed the Ukrainian authorities on the insufficiently harsh response to manifestations of anti-Semitism, which, according to their information, are often referred to as "hooliganism" and are not considered "hate crimes". One of the results of this was the phenomenon of "recurring desecration", when attacks on the same object are committed several times in a row without consequences for the perpetrators.

Researchers also note that among Ukrainian politicians, and not only marginalized, the real or imaginary Jewish origin of opponents is increasingly becoming the target for attacks.

"If, after the revolution (the coup of early 2014 - Ed.) public figures of Jewish origin were appointed to the highest positions in the new structures of power, now the Jewish origin of these people is perceived as one of the factors of the complex socio-political situation in the country. Moreover, Gentiles are often perceived by the street as "hidden Jews," the report says.

Its authors criticize the activities of the Institute of National Memory headed by Vladimir Vyatrovich, who is engaged in the rehabilitation of Ukrainian nationalists that tainted themselves with persecution of Jews during the Second World War and a short period of independence that followed the October Revolution of 1917.

"The reaction of nationalist elements to Jewish protests against it includes calls for expelling Jews from Ukraine, or at least to remind them of who is the master in the country. Besides, there are allegations that the damage done to Jews was a legitimate act in the light of their involvement in the troubles of the Ukrainian people, especially the great famine, the "Holodomor", 1932-33, without mentioning the Jewish citizens who also became its victims," the document says.

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