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Intelligence Briefing: Soros Next Target? USA

25.03.16 10:56
Intelligence Briefing: Soros Next Target? USA

  Not content at helping to spread chaos, death and destruction worldwide, Oligarch George Soros is now going out of his way to destabilize the United States itself as he tries his hand at hijacking the 2016 Presidential election. Ukrainians, Russians and Middle Eastern nations are well acquainted with the tactics used by Soros to overthrow host nations. Recently Soros has changed his strategy of engineering change in other lands to take a stab at destroying his own.

  Donald Trump is the center of Soros wrath. We have seen highly-coordinated and well-planned political demonstrations in Chicago, Cleveland, St. Louis, Dayton, and other cities. The rallies were disrupted by highly-coordinated and well-planned protesters waving freshly-printed protest signs before awaiting television cameras. Such rent a mob actions are trademark signs of the involvement of George Soros in disrupting the normal political process.

  How does the path to civil unrest start? By uncivil speech. The preferred method of starting the ball rolling is a tactic of disrupting a candidate's message. Instead of allowing a candidate to deliver his or her message to a group, Soros encourages disruption by avoiding "silent and dignified behavior... people should mock and insult officials, either at a certain place or by following them for a period". Soros strategy suggests that taunting individuals, such as presidential candidates, be combined with a refusal to disperse when either asked or ordered to do so. The Soros mafia claims that these methods are non-violent. However, when the US Secret Service, charged with protecting presidential candidates from assassination or bodily harm, order protesters to leave a campaign venue they are finding Soros operatives unwilling to comply with Federal law.

  Soros honed his street revolution tactics on the streets of Belgrade in the color revolution that overthrew Serbian president Slobodan Milosevic on October 5, 2000. Two Soros-financed groups, OTPOR! and the Center for Applied Nonviolent Action and Strategies (CANVAS), as well as their leader Srdja Popovic, a so-called pro-democracy agitator, have all been unmasked as US CIA intelligence assets. Popovic has received funding from the CIA funded US Institute of Peace, a creation of neo-conservatives to advance the type of undemocratic political street disruptions first seen in Serbia and that soon expanded to Ukraine, Georgia, Egypt, Venezuela, Russia, Macedonia, and other countries. culminating in Soros group being physically ejected from Russia and an arrest warrant issued for his person. Today, Soros-inspired political violence has targeted Trump rallies across the United States.

   A number of veteran agents of the Occupy Wall Street protests, now working in the Sanders campaign have been brought into Unbound Philanthropy, an immigrant rights group targeting Trump rallies for disruption. This group works hand in hand with Soros Black Lives Matter to maximize disruption of a target while garnering media exposure to magnify the appearance of opposition to Trump.Unbound Philanthropy is funded by Obama's Oligarch friend and frequent vacation host in Hawaii, William Reeves, a former JP Morgan executive who now heads up Blue Crest Capital. In some cases, the political protesters masquerade as Trump supporters by wearing pro-Trump shirts and hats in order to gain access to Trump campaign venues. This methodology of disruption employs another Soros tactic, that of using false identities. Coupled with the tactic of harassment of individuals attending rallies, they use false identities to gain admittance to Trump rallies, then coordinate protests in the form of placard-waving attendees, are textbook examples of Soros and his gang working with pro-immigration Hispanic groups and Black Lives Matter. Many of the anti-Trump street actions are coordinated by Move On dot org another group financed by Soros and the Hyatt Hotels’ Pritzker Oligarch family of Chicago. 

   Another Soros tactic employed against Trump is the provocation. During a Trump campaign appearance in Dayton, a pro-Bernie Sanders protester jumped a security barrier and rushed the stage in an attempt to grab the microphone from Trump. The Secret Service tackled the protester who was arrested by police. The protester previously took part in a 2015 protest at Wright State University in Dayton where he dragged a US flag on the ground. Destruction of property, including US flags, is another hallmark disruption tactic utilized by Soros. Knowing patriotic Americans will violently respond to a national symbols desecration.

  The reasons for this enhanced focus on stopping Trump are twofold. First, Trump is not controlled by the Oligarchy in America. While well to do by American standards, he is not on the level of an oligarch and therefore not controlled by their normal selection of a candidate process. Second, Trump proposes a dialog with Russia from a position of business like respect. This can not be allowed under any circumstance, as the American Oligarchy needs a hostile climate to advance a new cold war that will save America's collapsing economy with unparalleled new defense spending. Soros color revolution USA may yet end up being the least of America's worries as one of it's candidates may find the hardest part of being elected, is simply staying alive.


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