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Intelligence Briefing: Little Green Men

17.07.16 05:47
Intelligence Briefing: Little Green Men

    Nowadays a lot of media in the West are hyping Russia as having used "little green men" to first take over Crimea and now see them all over Donbass, But believe it or not, the invisible little green men have also already invaded Estonia according to their media."The Estonian security service KAPO has informed NATO that it believes a number of tactical drones observed in Estonia over the past two years have been operated by Russian special forces. According to NATO sources, the navigation systems aboard the drones have limited range. This effectively means that Russian special forces are already operating inside Estonian territory." So the panic stricken story goes from the Norwegian media outlet "Aldrimerno".

    "The dramatic report by NATO, using far more direct language than Estonian authorities have ever done publicly, was provided in connection with force-protection measures implemented for the NATO special-forces exercise Trident Jaguar from 20 to 27 April 2015. Soon after the exercise began, the tactical drones reappeared. About two weeks had then passed since the Estonian armed forces and KAPO (Kaitsepolitseiamet) had last observed drones." With language like this, you have to know we are building up to something big! Of course, the next sound you hear will be that of all four tires on the Estonian car of common sense collectively blowing out all at once.

  "The last two days, including the event on the 22 April, there were drone intrusions over the training area in the southeast of Ämari air base, as well (as) over Vovu, an Estonian army base in the south east of Estonia,» according to a NATO report. It then adds: "EST KAPO believes these incidents are Russian initiated – and even if there is no proof, they have a suspicion that Russian Spetsnaz elements may be involved." You can tell you are on the way to the REAL truth when people say "even if there is no proof". Normally that precludes one from doing a news story. A lack of proof, facts or truth usually slows up most people in the media. But not in Norway.

 The report goes on to describe some of the prior observations, which were far more dramatic than previously known. "Some of the intrusions were during daylight hours and some were after dark. The intrusions were done by radio controlled quad copter drones with something that appeared to be a camera suspended under or above it," said the report.According to the report, Estonian Defence Minister Sven Mikser formulated a standing order earlier this month to shoot down all drones appearing over the Ämari and Eametsa air bases, even though the government is aware that Russian special forces are probably responsible for them.

  "Shortly after the shoot down order was given, there was an intrusion over Ämari. Estonian forces fired a total of 55 rifle rounds at the drone and they reported hits but not sufficient to bring the drone down. The drone successfully departed the area," according to the report.Former defense minister Mikser declines to address directly whether he – as minister – formerly gave an order to open fire against drones over Estonian military bases in general and Ämari air base more specifically. Of course, nobody really asks the question, since you don't have a drone to confirm it's origin, HOW are you able to say it's Russian for sure?

   "I mean it is a NATO air base, so we are not allowed to aircraft drones over marine bases, or any other Estonian military base that matter." Asked directly by whether a drone would therefore be shot down to avoid the drone to successfully penetrate military areas, he replied: "Well, if necessary, we take necessary measures to stop that from happening."Nor would Mikser comment on the information obtained by that Estonian authorities believe Russia and Russian special forces are responsible for the drone traffic. "Potentially, I mean, people or countries who are hostile to Estonia’s interests could use drones as platforms for surveillance. But I would comment on that when we have evidence that this has been the case," says Mikser. Again confirming no news is actually news in Norway.

   And in keeping with threat creation out of mid air being the theme, the Norwegians continue, "One of the Estonian soldiers took a picture with a mobile (telephone) camera," a NATO source says. "This picture was shown to NATO personnel. There is no doubt it was a tactical Spetsnaz drone." Defense sources told the that Russian special forces use only tactical drones, most of them very small. These drones have a range of few kilometres – maximum 10 kilometres,» said a NATO source. Until April 2015, NATO believes, Russia had used at least two different drone types in Estonia. has now learned that NATO is in possession of intelligence indicating that Russian Spetsnaz forces so far have operated four or five different types of tactical drones. That they are using several different tactical drones is therefore not abnormal, says an unidentified source.

   Estonia’s former head of intelligence, Eerik-Niiles Kross, dismisses the notion of a possible Russian command center or technical base structure inside Estonia for operating Russian drones inside the NATO country." They do not have a secret drone base in Estonia, no," he says. "But Kross refrained from commenting on the possibility of Russian special forces operating inside Estonia, with a command and/or technical back up structure located on the Russian side of the border." Again stressing that in Norway, not getting an answer allows you to make up your own answer!

  Confronted by with the information that the then minister of defense in Estonia in April 2015 ordered the special forces to open fire against drones and that the special forces hit one of the drones but were not able to shoot it down, Kross responded: "Too bad – I hope next time we will." He was asked to describe the aggressiveness of using drones that far into Estonian territory. "It’s worrisome," Kross replies. "Again, it’s part of the bigger picture. It’s clearly not as risky as what they are doing with their fighters and their airplanes. Because they are really risking lives, in those almost close-to-collision incidents. Those violations of air space with a fighter are a lot more serious than a drone. But again, they are trying to do things to push the limits of what is allowed. And usually they do not stop before they are stopped." Continuing with the theme that no proof in NATO speak IS proof!

  The western media is full of examples like this of journalists using the thinnest thread to construct a mental bridge Russian tanks can drive over. Perhaps the greatest evidence of media deception is found at the end of the article, buried in the foot note: Footnote: has contacted NATO and the Estonian security police KAPO for comments. NATO and KAPO has not, so far, responded.

  So everything we just heard about Russian Spetsnaz with imaginary underground bunkers deep in Estonia, of magic drones impervious to Estonian gunfire and top secret imaginary little green men creeping around invisibly are exactly that; invisible......



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