Intelligence Briefing: Body Count Donbass

24.06.16 11:45
Intelligence Briefing: Body Count Donbass

   The western media paints the Donbass conflict as a small, insignificant "dispute" or civil war and not worthy of news coverage in an effort to explain it's complete blackout of coverage in English speaking nations. Today we take a look at just what we know about the body count in Donbass. This information is not classified and is available, but like anything worth having, you have to really dig to find the diamond of truth.

  The numbers carried about like gold bars on a sterling silver tray by the Western media come from the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), this is a United Nations (UN) body formed in December 1991 by General Assembly Resolution 46/182. The resolution was designed to strengthen the UN's response to complex emergencies and natural disasters. According to these "experts" the total number of deaths in Donbass is 9,208 with 2,568 being civilians according to the UN OCHA. Other groups carry the deaths as 3,938 civillians according to numbers from DNR sources. A western NGO claims the military losses of Russians and Donbass freedom fighters comes in at 2,171 killed in action. The Ukrainian Army in Kiev for it's part claims total losses of 2,171 troops. Not to be left out, the US State Department would like for us to mention, they believe Russia has lost 500 of their invisible little green men in Donbass, but really can't prove it.The number of "foreign" fighters lost by Kiev is supposedly 126 according to their count.

   Why these numbers are one of the greatest lies in modern history:

   In the war here there was an initial holding action by Strelkov and Borodai where they were fighting Kiev with like a 1000-2000 troops against 15,000 in the early days of the war. Regardless of who you listen to today, both men are heroes in military history like few others. Things were getting rough during the summer of 2014 right up until August, when it looked like all would be lost, a funny thing happened. In the space of a few hours to no more than 3 days, Kiev lost between 15,000 to 18,000 dead. Now whether you want to attribute this to hyper accurate artillery fire by General Kononov or inbound thermobaric rounds from artillery positions deep in Russia as "Doctor" Kraber of the pro Kiev Potomac Foundation would have you believe, really does not matter. The Ukrainians sent to provide the death blow to freedom were fried alive in a biblical sense. Thousands of corpses littered the countryside, creating a health disaster in the making. 

  Strelkov and Borodai stepped aside and Zakharchenko and Kononov took over and in their press conference, Zakharchenko cautions Kononov not to freak out the press by mentioning the bodies Kiev was dumping in lakes and rivers by helicopter to get rid of there dead. The CIA and US government even got into the act and had FEMA type mobile crematoria flown in so Kiev could rid the countryside of the corpses. In order to avoid paying the next of kin death benefits, Petro Poroshenko continues to carry them as "missing" on their records. The following body count is from sources collaborated by the DPR intelligence and German intelligence.It is a rough translation,but you can glean that the Western narrative is just one big lie to put it mildly:

Lost National Guard under Ukraine - 5998 fighters
Loss of "Right Sector" - 5788 fighters
Loss of APU - 19776 men
The total number of those killed:
About 34,958 troops, total. H. The members of military and paramilitary units of Ukrainian law enforcers present time Of them:
- About 5788 guerrillas "Right Sector", mostly included in the National Guard, and 30 mercenaries from the special battalion "Dnepr" and "Azov", "AIDAR" and other illegal armed groups Uraine, according to operative data of the corpses were removed in Dnepropetrovsk and destroyed at the local crematorium, or buried at the place of execution and listed as missing,
- About 19 776 soldiers of the Ukrainian army (mostly from the 25 Airborne Dnepropetrovsk team and 95 airmobile Zhytomyr Brigade, 24th Motorized Brigade of the Lviv region, 79 airmobile brigade, 51 Mechanized Brigade, 24th Mechanized Brigade of Yavorov, 72-th separate mechanized brigade from the White Church, Kremenchug brigade MO WTP and other units of the Ukrainian army, mainly because of the dislocation of seats from the Western Ukraine)
- Approximately 5998 members of the MUP, the number of so-called.. "National Guard under"
- About 381 employees of the Security Service of Ukraine,
State Border Service of Ukraine - 254 people
- Other categories of armed forces of Ukraine - 2897 people.

Foreign mercenaries and advisers
- 103 employees of the CIA, FBI, DIA US Special Forces,
- Foreign mercenaries - 1066 people from the Polish PMC «ASBS Othago» (139 to 22.04 at 13.07 '14), American PMCs Asademi (until 2009 was known as Blackwater to) and its "daughter» Greystone Limited PMCs (125 people to 22.04. at 13.07 '14), Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Lithuania, Estonia, Italy, Sweden, Turkey, Czech Republic, Finland, African and Arab and other. countries.

Only from April 22 to July 13, 2014 the total loss amounted to foreigners in the Donbas 330 people. In particular, the Polish PMC «ASBS Othago» lost 139 people, the American PMCs "Asademi" (until 2009 was known as Blackwater) - 125 people.

56,301 people, including of the APU, the Ministry of Interior, the National Guard under, terbatalonov, battalions "right sector, GPS, police.

Captured, deserted or missing:

(Also see. A summary of missing below)

Employees SBU - 524 people.
National Guard under - 2015 people (of July 2014)
Military Personnel - 3562 people. (Of July 2014)
Foreign mercenaries - 549 people.
other categories - 1366 persons.

Destruction of equipment UKRAINE
INCLUDING captured or Disabled

28 attack helicopters ( "Mi-24" and "Mi-8" MI-17), on 02.02.15, the
Mi-24: 6 + 8 destroyed irrevocably knocked out / damaged as a result of = 14 pcs.
Mi-8: 7 irrevocably destroyed + 6 are hit / damaged as a result of = 14 pcs.
aircraft at 20.00. 02.03.15 g .:
Su-25: 19 + 1 destroyed irrevocably captured LC + 12 shot down / damaged. As a result, = 32 pcs. 02.03.15 at 20.00 g
Su-27 - 1 unit. 01.09.14 Mr.
Su-24: 2 destroyed irretrievably + 1 hit / damaged. Total = 3 pcs.
MIG-29: 2 units. destroyed.
Destroyed AN-30 (reconnaissance) + 3, IL-76 (transporters) + AN-26 (freighter).
UAV - 24 pcs. at 06. 10. 2015

motor vehicle (6 - Hammer, GAZ-66 - 11 pcs., Ural - 70 pcs., KAMAZ - 47 pcs., ZIL-131 - 4 pcs. KrAZ - 1, crank - 2 pcs.) TOTAL 706 cars on 1.06 2015 city
road tractor (ATL, MTLB) - 80 units. on 06.06.15, the

Tanks: T-64 and other types - 529 pcs. on 08.10.15, the
Bulat tanks - 2 pieces. 10.00 on 26. 12. 2014 (captured)
Leopard tank - 1 units. on 10.23.2014, the

BTR - 397 pcs. at 10.00 1.0 2015
BTR "Bucephalus" - 7 pcs. 2015 at 12.03
BTR-4E - 2 pcs. on 12.21.14, the
BMP-1, BMP-2 - 285 pcs. 2015 at 10.08
BMD - 52 pcs. 19.00 to 27.01 2015
BRDM - 19 pcs.

MLRS BM 21 "Grad" - 104 pcs. on 08.14.2015, the (in Vol. h. captured)
MLRS "Smerch" (9K58- 300 mm.) - 14 pcs. on 01.27.15, the
240-mm self-propelled heavy mortar "Tulip" - 9 pcs.
MLRS multiple rocket launchers (140 9P) "Hurricane" - 17 pcs.
2C3 152 mm self-propelled guns, "Acacia" - 13 pcs.
ACS-152 "Elizabeth" - 1 pc.
SAU-2S9 "NONA" - 26 pcs.
SAU "Carnation" 2S1, etc. -. 54 pcs. 2015 at 04.06
SAU "ICCA C - 9 pcs. on 01.08.2015, the
152-mm towed howitzer 2A65 "MSTA-B" - 6 pcs.
SAU - "Peony" - 21 pcs. on 02/18/2015.
mortars, 120 mm - 113 pcs. on 01.06.2015, the
mortars caliber 82 mm - 49 units.
howitzer D-30 - 99 pcs. 2015 at 04.06
anti-aircraft gun (ZU-23-2) - 23 pcs. 00 to 11. 01.02. 2015
Installation ATGM "Competition" - 3 pcs. 07.17.2014 at 10.00 g
anti-tank guns MT-12e (100 um) "Rapier" - 37 pcs.
gunboats - 3 units.
self-propelled 152-mm gun "Hyacinth" -2 units.
Heavy weapons delivery foreign - 2 units
tactical missile point - "U" - 3 pcs. on 08.20.2015, the
Warehouses of ammunition, weapons and fuel - 18 objects.

RT reports, "German intelligence service estimates the real losses in the Ukrainian civil war at 50,000 dead (civilians and servicemen), which is nearly 10 times higher than reported by the Kiev authorities, German media report." To quote them directly, "“Germany’s special services estimate the probable number of deceased Ukrainian servicemen and civilians at up to 50,000 people. This figure is about 10 times higher than official data. Official figures are clearly too low and not credible,” the newspaper reported recently.

  Now using the UN numbers, Kiev's missing numbers and German intelligence, we can give a rough understanding of the vast numbers of humans killed in this war. It falls at about 30,000 dead for Kiev of it's troops,about another 5000 dead or missing including the US Special Forces,CIA, FBI and DEA guys CIA Director Brennan came over to try and get back. Plus about 20,000 other deaths of civilians from both sides. No 100% accurate accounting of war deaths is ever possible. But the takeaway today is the Western media continues to black out and outright lie about the vast numbers killed in the Donbass war. As Stalin said, " One death is a tragedy, a million just a number." Reviewing the losses here in Donbass we must conclude the price paid for America's greed includes a body count known to God, and lied about by man.


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