In Kiev, 2017 may be declared year of Ukrainian Nazi Army (UPA)

28.04.17 06:40
In Kiev, 2017 may be declared year of Ukrainian Nazi Army (UPA)

The Kiev City Council Commission approved the draft decision "On the Announcement of 2017 on the Territory of Kiev to be the Year of the Ukrainian Revolution and the Ukrainian Insurgent Army" (UPA). This is reported on the site of the City Council.

"In the conditions when the Ukrainian nation again with weapons in hand is confronting the Russian aggressor, the historical experience of the Ukrainians' struggle against the invaders is very valuable. The dissemination of truthful information about the Ukrainian national liberation movement of the twentieth century is very important for the consolidation of the Ukrainian nation," the deputy of the Kiev City Council Yuri Sirotyuk claimed.

According to the draft, it is planned to find places of memory on the territory of the Ukrainian capital connected with the events of the Ukrainian revolution of 1917-1921 and the activities of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) and "take measures to perpetuate them." Scientific, educational, cultural and other events in educational institutions in Kiev are also planned.

The draft decision should be agreed upon by the Committee on Culture, Tourism and Information Policy before final adoption.

The OUN is an ultra-right political organization that fought for the creation of an independent Ukraine and acted mainly on the territory of Western Ukraine. During the World War II, the OUN, cooperating with German intelligence agencies, began a struggle against Soviet power, and in 1943 organized the UPA. According to open data, the OUN - UPA members killed at least one million people, including about 200,000 Poles during the "Volyn Massacre".

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