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Finnish volunteers to publish book of Donbass war memories

02.04.18 06:40
Finnish volunteers to publish book of Donbass war memories

Volunteers from Finland, who participated in defending Donbass from the aggression of Ukraine, plan to publish a series of books telling about their memories of the war, said the Head of the DPR Representative Center in Helsinki, human rights activist Johan Bäckman.

"Finnish volunteers in Donbass are going to publish their books and memoirs. In particular, volunteer Ville is already writing his memoirs, and another Finnish volunteer, who most likely wants to print his book under a pseudonym, intends to publish his memoirs about the war under the title "Eleven Falling Stars." He already published the materials in his blog," Bäckman said.

According to him, there are other Finnish authors, willing to tell the world about the situation in the region. Thus, the book "Revived from the Ruins of Donbass" by the famous writer Matti Rossi was published in Finnish in 2015. It tells about the war, the rise of Nazism in Ukraine and the US support of the Ukrainian radicals. Just over a week ago, a novel by the Finnish volunteer "The Last Bullet" about the history of the conflict of 2015-2017 was published."

"There is a great interest in books that objectively describe the situation in Donbass. The Representative Center of the Donetsk People's Republic participated in some book projects in this field, and also published several books," the head of the center said.

It should be recalled that the Representation of the Donetsk People's Republic in Finland was officially created in the autumn of 2016 and since that time it has been carrying out certain functions, especially in the human rights field. The grand opening of the Office took place in Helsinki in December 2017. The Representative Center was headed by well-known Finnish human rights defender Johan Bäckman.

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