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Explosion takes place in Ukrainian ordnance storage near Mariupol

23.09.17 11:45
Explosion takes place in Ukrainian ordnance storage near Mariupol

Reportedly, at 04:15pm  the warehouse of the Ukrainian missile-artillery weapons in Kiev-controlled locality of Novoyanisol, which supplies the Ukrainian  59th separate motorized infantry brigade and 28th mechanized brigade with ammunition was caught on fire. The warehouse was used to store artillery shells of 122mm calibre and 152 mm calibre and tank shells.

According to the DPR Command’s data, the explosion took place because of storage regulations violation and security protocol violation during the new hard weaponry ammunition party unloading.

There is a possibility of local citizens affection by the explosion results, apart from it, the localities of Maloyanisol, Novokrasnovka, Nikolskoye, Krinichnoye, Topolinoye, Novogrigorovka and Fedorovka can occur in a danger area of unexploded ordnance.

“At 1:30 am on September 23rd the fire was localized and at 5:47 am it was put out. As on 6:00 am on September 23rd 13 inflammations in the Novoyanisol locality’s territory were put out. Presently, no fire in the locality’s territory occurs,” says the text of the Ukrainian Emergency Ministry’s press-service.

Reportedly, on Saturday morning, the meeting of the Operational Headquarters for the emergency situation’s consequences liquidation was held. To eliminate the fire 248 people and 56 units of equipment were involved.

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