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Experts say Easter food basket price goes up by 83% in Ukraine

05.04.18 01:44
Experts say Easter food basket price goes up by 83% in Ukraine

The Easter set of products typical for the holiday has risen in price almost twice in Ukraine in 2018. Notably, the Easter cake will cost $4,8 compared to $3 in 2017, raisins (by 192%) and eggs (by 155,3%) have risen in price most. This is evidenced by the data provided by experts of the Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation.

"In 2018, for one and a half kilograms of cottage cheese, a dozen coloured eggs and a half kilogram of boiled pork, Ukrainians will have to pay 274 hryvnias [about $10,4], last year this set cost 150 hryvnias [$5,7]," the Confederation reported to the Segodnya newspaper.

Experts note that the Easter cake itself has risen in price, and now it will cost 127 hryvnias [about $4,8] compared to 80 hryvnias [about $3] in 2017, as almost all ingredients have risen in price.

"Raisins [by 192%] and eggs [by 155,3%] have gone up most, and milk and butter, other ingredients of the cake, have increased in price by more than 30%," Nelia Onishchenko, an analyst of the Agrarian Confederation, said.

According to the organization, the main reasons for the increase in prices are a reduction in milk production, an increase in electricity tariffs, and an increase in the export of butter in 2018.

"This, in particular, led to the partial replacement of domestic products in the internal market by the imported ones, often of lower quality, for example, margarine," she added.

Analysts note that the price of boiled pork has almost doubled: from 114,5 to 226,7 hryvnias per 1 kg. This is due to a rise in price of pork by 36% for the year.

According to the estimates of the Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation, it is not necessary to expect a drop in prices in the near future, and they will grow a bit more ahead of the holiday due to the increase in demand.

Easter is the main holiday in Christianity. The celebration of Easter for the Orthodox and Catholics is calculated in different calendars. Easter in the Gregorian calendar – for the Catholics – this year came on April 1, and the Orthodox churches of different countries adhere to the Julian calendar and celebrate the holiday of the Resurrection of Christ on April 8.

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