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Expert: US arms supplies to Ukraine to drive a wedge between Washington and Brussels

02.01.18 05:25
Expert: US arms supplies to Ukraine to drive a wedge between Washington and Brussels

Deliveries of lethal weapons to Ukraine by the United States can further divide Washington and Brussels, as many EU countries oppose the further turn of confrontation with Russia, American political scientist, a Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute, based in the US capital, and a former Special Assistant to President Ronald Reagan, Doug Bandow, expressed such an opinion.

"The transferring lethal arms [to Kiev] would divide the U.S. from European nations, many of which oppose further confrontation with Russia, especially over Ukraine. Brussels already bridled at Congress’ new sanctions legislation [against Moscow], which passed without consulting the Europeans and targeted European firms," the expert notes in the editorial article published in the National Interest journal on December 23.

In his view, the supply of lethal weapons to Ukraine, among other things, "would almost certainly encourage the Ukrainians to press for even heavier arms and escalate the fighting, as well as discourage them from negotiating a settlement."

Negotiations instead of escalating tension

According to Bandow, "a better approach would be to negotiate for Russian de-escalation by offering to take NATO membership for Ukraine (and Georgia) off the table." In his opinion, "expanding the alliance is not in America’s interest." " Washington and Moscow have no core security interests in conflict with each other, especially in Ukraine."

“Instead of turning a peripheral security issue into a potential military clash with Moscow, Washington should seek to trade military disengagement from Ukraine for Russian acceptance of that nation’s territorial integrity," the author believes.

"Moscow might not agree, but the Trump administration won’t know unless it makes the offer. Right now, it [the administration] doesn’t seem to care to even try. Quite the contrary," Bandou concluded.

Data on the supply of weapons to Kiev

On December 22, the head of the State Department's press service, Heather Nauert, stated the decision taken by Washington to supply Ukraine with "advanced defensive assets." If Trump approves this plan, it will be passed to the US Congress for consideration. Lawmakers will have 30 days to make a decicion.

Over the past few years, both Republicans and Democrats have voted for the inclusion of articles on providing "lethal military assistance" to Ukraine in the US defense budget.

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