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EU, US, Canada outraged by Ukraine giving passports to terrorists

02.04.18 12:35
EU, US, Canada outraged by Ukraine giving passports to terrorists

Ukraine can be deprived of the subject of long-waited dreams – the visa-free regime.

First, the EU demanded the return of 22 million dollars allocated for the equipment of checkpoints at the EU-Ukraine border. However, the Maidan authorities have unequivocally hinted to the Europeans that nothing will be returned. But the demanding Europeans continue to carp. Now they are blaming Ukrainians for insufficient security of Ukrainian documents, also accusing the Ukrainian authorities of corruption. By translating these accusations into a normal language, it can be said that the Ukrainian authorities sell passports to potential Muslim terrorists who then travel to Brussels, Nice or Berlin, board the trucks and ram the crowds of passers-by.

For example, in December 2017, British diplomat Judith Gough pointed to the failure of the Ukrainian security system of documents. In particular, she expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that the Ukrainian biometric passport was illegally obtained by a citizen of another state, who is suspected of committing contract murders, and in particular, in the attempt on Chechen volunteers Amina Okueva and her husband Adam Osmayev.

At the same time, French Ambassador Isabel Dumont spoke publicly about another passport story related to suspicions of corruption of top officials from the Ukrainian State Migration Service. She said that there is a suspicion of the existence of a corruption scheme that allows third-country nationals to obtain a Ukrainian passport. Swedish Ambassador Martin Hagström also pointed to the existence of the same problem in February.

Moreover, it is noted that in countries of the global West – the EU, the United States, Britain, Canada – such precedents are considered a potential threat to their own citizens. Therefore, one more story, similar to the above, may become the last nail in the coffin of the visa-free regime for Ukraine.

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