EU issues no Schengen visas to Crimeans

22.07.17 02:40
EU issues no Schengen visas to Crimeans

The European Parliament deputy from Estonia, Jana Toom, sent a request to EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini regarding the refusal of the EU countries to issue Schengen visas to the residents of the Crimea.

"You can recognize the Crimea [part of Russia] or not, but you cannot punish ordinary people about whom you do not even know how they voted in a referendum [on the accession of the Crimea.] This is just the case when sanctions struck people, but not the government, "she said.

"In Soviet times, residents of the Baltic countries (which some Western countries did not recognize as part of the USSR) received Western visas anyway," added the MEP.

The request that Toom sent to Mogherini on Friday, July 14, states that after the events of 2014, more than 90% of Crimeans received Russian citizenship, "given that the de facto peninsula is under effective control of Russia."

"These people cannot receive Schengen visas at embassies working in Kiev, due to the lack of all necessary documents (Ukrainian residence permit, etc.) .Most people in the Crimea no longer have valid Ukrainian passports. And a trip to Kiev is very difficult, because the Crimea does not have an adequate transport system with it," the request says.

The MEP asked Mogherini to specify whether residents of the Crimea with Russian passports can get visas at the embassies of the EU countries in Kiev and Moscow, and also asked whether the EU plans to revise the policy of issuing Schengen visas for Crimeans.

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