EU considers Kosovo variant for Donbass

15.02.17 12:22
EU considers Kosovo variant for Donbass

For Donbass management it is necessary to establish an international administration, while the elections in the region should be carried out not earlier than in 10 years.

This opinion was expressed by Antje Herrberg, CEO of the organization MediatEUr, dealing with mediation in resolving conflicts.

"There is the idea that Donbass, as well as Kosovo, could be controlled by the international community. There would be the police, border control, the similarity of the democratic process, and perhaps somewhere in ten years, people in the region would be able to decide what should happen to territory where they live," the expert believes.

"It's clear that it is impossible to hold elections in Donbass now, because there are actually few people of Donbass. And this region is now deeply polarized. Under these conditions, the elections are not conducted anywhere in the world, because it is only inflame the conflict rather than help to calm it down. My personal opinion is that we should wait for about 10 years before holding elections there. And use this time to create equal civil society there," Herrberg offers.

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