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Estonia at War: Special Forces with Ukrainian Combat Troops in Donbass

25.08.16 01:10
Estonia at War: Special Forces with Ukrainian Combat Troops in Donbass

Estonian defense minister Hannes Hanso has visited Ukraine, met with Estonian special forces, who is training the combat troops of the Ukrainian army, participating the war in Donbass. Ministers visit was covered in Estonian media.

"Special forces have made an excellent performance in Ukraine," said the minister Hanso. "Our Ukrainian partners appreciate our skills and motivation of special forces is very high. Estonia is committed to supporting Ukraine in tough times. "

Hanso said that Estonia and Ukraine have established a very trusting and mutually beneficial cooperative relationship.

"Estonian training has also another side. Our instructors will learn from their Ukrainian colleagues a lot, because it is a real war experience of the soldiers," said the minister. "Tactical and technical understanding is essential for the whole Estonian defense forces. I believe that such a mutually beneficial military cooperation gives us future of great possibilities. "

In a time of ministers' visit, Estonian forces in Ukraine were given a festive line-up for its contribution to the development of specialized units in Ukraine. Ukraine's Minister of Defense General Staff awarded troops with Ukrainian medals.

Estonian special forces are giving training with the US special forces for Ukrainian combat troops, which are engaged in the military operations in Donbass, along the borders of Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics.

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