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DPR Ombudsman and Italian writer unveil monument to Donbass war children

01.06.17 05:37
DPR Ombudsman and Italian writer unveil monument to Donbass war children

Memorial sculpture "Children of Donbas, Children of War" was unveiled today in the Donetsk Lenin Komsomol park. The composition’s opening was timed to the International Children's Day.

The event was attended by the DPR Human Rights Commissioner Daria Morozova, the chief of the Peace to World project, Eleonora Fedorenko, Italian journalist and writer Marinella Mondaini, the public figure from the Russian Federation Dmitry Melnikov, and over one hundred children of different ages. The latter were holding balloons of the DPR flag colours.

“Dear children, I wish you a clear, blue and peaceful sky on this holiday,” said Morozova as she addressed the youths. “I wish that what you have seen, heard and felt over these three years never happens again. Most importantly, don’t repeat the mistakes made by adults and learn to respect each other.”

Morozova and Mondaini then unveiled the sculpture which had been covered with the DPR and Russian Federation flags.

The full-scale realistic style sculptural composition shows two siblings.  The boy, with a worried expression, is looking upward protecting the girl with his body.

“Today, we’re unveiling a monument to Donbass children, the children of war. The importance of this event is difficult to overestimate because these are beautiful, talented and kind children. Their happiness is worth fighting for,” said Mondaini. “Fear’s not the only thing you can see in the girl and the boy, they also show courage, heroism and feat.”

Archpriest Svyatoslav led a prayer by the monument and consecrated it. Next, young DPR vocalists sang songs about peace and childhood.

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